2008 Lexus LS460 Review | The $70,000 Luxury Car Nobody Cares About

This is my 2008 Lexus LS460 review, it is the $70,000 luxury car that nobody seems to care about. The LS460 Is a car that I do care about and I reviewed my own used 2008 Lexus LS460 because there didn’t seem to be any proper reviews done on the LS460. So this is a very detailed and in depth look at my 08 LS460 Lexus and if you have any questions please let me know in the comments below. Thank you for stopping by, I do hope you consider subscribing and liking this video. Take care!

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  1. Very long review but there aren't any proper reviews on this car so I decided to do what big media couldn't 10 years ago, give you a video longer than 3 minutes, think I may have over done it smh. Oh well 7.9 million subs and I'll straight pipe it. Thanks for stopping by take care.

  2. Looking at buying a 2010 LS460, but the volume does not work on the ML system. Is this an Amp problem or tuner problem? I saw a you tube video where the guy just replaced a fuse. Should I be worried about this?

  3. wow I feel like I'm watching a savagegeese review but he's younger, darker skinned, and has hair

  4. corvette or lexus? Im thinking maybe a 2014 corvette but I did try the 2011 ls460 and its quite nice having a hard time deciding…

  5. what was the driver that got you interested in cars?

  6. Japanese are so different from other cultures…
    Great design philosophy.
    But really its just there way of life,
    I come home to eat ramen, watch anime and even my tea cup is Japanese… and now soon to be the car the LS. Is this even anything special to point out, we do get everything else from other cultures two? But I cant help and think there's something still unique and special about the Japanese way.

  7. dang dude your channel is really fun to watch thx!

  8. I like this guy! You can almost get a true sense for how brilliantly this car drives based on his descriptions.

    P.s. just turned in an Audi A6 3.0T. Never, ever again. Back to Japanese for me.

  9. I love my recently purchased 82,500 mile LS430. The LS460 is beautiful.

  10. Over 50 dollars to fill it up? Please, it'd be 100€ to fill it up over here with 95 octane (RON, about 90 AKI), and that's with current pricing thanks to low oil prices…
    If prices go back to normal, it'll cost 126€ to fill it up from empty to full with 95, or 134€ with 98 octane.
    My car usually costs 60€ to fill with 40L of 95 octane.

  11. The “slit” you were talking about in the door is a vent

  12. Great review Kevin. I recently bought a similar 08 460 L (silver w black interior). It has the exec seating package and was really well maintained by the 2 previous owners. The Lexus headphones had never even been opened up, ha! LOVE this car!

    Also, I had it inspected before buying and from this knew that the only big issue were the control arms (thanks for covering this in your review). In case it helps others, I paid $400 for the control arms from a US company, and my local trusted mechanic charged $1900 to install. Took them a day and a half. Now it is driving much, much better as the bushings were completely worn.

    I’d def recommend this car bc of the big engine and massive rear seat leg room (I’m 6’5” and it’s good).

  13. Great review ! A couple of things: that slot on the top of the front doors are air slots for the defroster and the glove box is damped (mechanically). That shouldn’t be electronically controlled. It looks like it’s super slow and can probably be adjusted but I wouldn’t fool with it.

    In April 2019 I bought my 2013 ES350 with now only 36k miles. I love it but love this LS460 also ! They both have similar lines. Yes my ES 350 drives like new for now 7 years old. (Actually the original owner took ownership in August 2012, so its nearly 8 years old)

    I financed my ES350, if it was paid off now I would definitely consider this LS460 !

    As you know My ES350 V6 takes regular gas and I’m getting over 30 mpg on the expressway, which is amazing

    By the way, subscribed to your channel, I like how you did this review

  14. Please do a comparison to the Avalon Limited (2005-2012) or a straight up review of the Avalon Limited. Excellent review!

  15. Great work! you should also state the real value when the car was brand new.. i.e. 70,000 is not the retail price.

  16. I got my 2007 ls460 for 3000 i like it but definitely miss what I sold apart of the deal!

  17. Love watching ur vids man. Especially rare to see reviews bout’ these older but solid cars and thus makes ur channel stand out. Thinking about grabbing one of these around 150k miles. Will reliability be an issue for daily driving?

  18. Lexus #1😘😘😘😘😘🥳🥳

  19. Great review 👍🏽 I needed to hear this. This is going to be my next purchase

  20. I have the 2007 LS460L but I didn't buy it for the looks. I bought it for the reliability, and I picked it over the s550. This is my 3rd LS Lexus, but my next car will probably be the 2015 s550 even knowing that the Lexus is trouble free. My Lexus is old and has 116k miles, but people always ask what year it is. There isn't anything boring about this car at all, but I love luxury cars and luxury SUVs because they never stop making you feel important. Women notice and other people assume you are important. I've even had people ask me what do I do for a living. I even passed up the 2009 BMW 750li because of the bad reviews, but it is a better looking car. The Lexus has more headroom in the backseat than the BMW. The most impressive thing about the LS460L is the gas mileage. I did an 8 hour and 15 minute trip on one tank of gas, but I had the cruise control set to 72 mph. My previous LS models couldn't make the same trip on one tank. If you have cash, this is the best used car to buy hands down! Lexus quality and reliability is unreal when you have experienced as many cars as I have. Great review!

  21. This car looks amazing with aftermarket wider tyres and wheels. It’s unbelievable how much wheels change the look of this car.

  22. Who the hell takes parts to the service to install???? Do you take your stake to the restaurant to??? Dummy

  23. yoo i just realized you either live or were filming within 5 minutes from my house!

  24. As a young lad, I wouldn't mess with you if I saw you in this car. Says gangster without the looks. I drive an IS350 and get the same look too.

  25. I see 1-2 of these everyday in Baltimore…..I see more of these than I see S Class and 7 Series. I might see on of them once a month.

  26. ?Are You out of your mind with that stupid stupid loud drum beat garbage. A vehicle like this require elegant classical music not a punk garbage sound!

  27. Hey dude. Do you think you can make a video of driving this lexus in the snow? In about to buy one and I’m worried about the snow driving part because it’s a rear wheel drive

  28. The slit on the door is for the defrost of the side window.


  30. Amazing car. I prefer this generation with the V8 over the new V6. This was elegant and restrained.

  31. Very good video. Appreciate it. There is a 2010 with 80 K miles at the local Toyota dealership. Was just put on the lot. Absolutely beautiful black on black. Mint. But the issue with the control arms scares me. Apparently 2011 and 2012 are vastly improved, but pricing is much higher everywhere you look. Clearly everyone knows Lexus fixed the final two years of this particular model.

    Frankly I think the smart thing to do would be to go for the ES, like my mom did. Or the LS 430 from 2005 or 06. Reliability on steroids.

  32. I am curious where do you do your review? I love them back roads….Looks like somewhere down south.

  33. In my standards, The styling is very understated and that's what makes you look rich, I'm not big on being a brand snob

  34. so excited..just bought this car today from a lexus dealership. got a great price $11k after all taxes, tag, etc. They are detailing it for me and I pick it up tomorrow. Thank you for this awesome review. Just gets me pumped.

  35. There is no better sedan to throw some 22”. It’s beautiful with wheels

  36. “I literally just busted a whole donut in the parking lot today with the traction control off…. if you turn everything off in this car, it gets really wild really quickly…”

    The LS460 is like a straight A student that tried to be a gangster in high school lmfaoooo 😂😂😂

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