2013 Lexus LS460 Review | Best Used Luxury Car Under $30k?

This review is on the 2013 Lexus LS460 which may be the best used luxury car. I personally own a 2008 Lexus LS460 and was very pleased with the performance of the 2013 LS460. This Lexus becomes the best used car proposition when you take into account Lexus reliability and resale value.

Before continuing, huge shout out to Cary Imports for allowing me to do this review for you. Info below:


Address: 1803 NW Maynard Rd, Cary, NC 27513

Phone: (919) 388-0300

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  1. Once again, I have to thank Cary Imports for helping me bring you guys a car you have been requesting for a while. All their info is in the description and i would love to hear from you guys as well as owners of any generation LS, would this be a car you would consider? Thanks again for stopping by.

    EDIT: THIS CAR IS NOW SOLD no surprise there..

  2. Excellent video…. I love this generation LS.

  3. Now this 2013 LS460 has nearly the same exterior lines as my 2013 ES350. Love them both. If you put them side by side you can definitely see the similarities! Even the dash, console are similar. Great review!

    I plug my iPhone into the USB and boom I get all my music. I agree with that mouse style setup. Not a fan. Certainly can’t be driving while using it

  4. U said the buttons for the heated ventilated seats in the 07 are stationary and don't push in but they are exactly the same just smaller in diameter but they push in aswell but I noticed u had both them popped out when reviewing your 07 just wanted to let u no if you decided never to try and push them in lol I've done stuff like that before and find out later I actually could do something with it lol

  5. Still got those control arms problems?

  6. 8 cylinders less fuel efficiency than the V6 and more costly to repair! They do not breakdown that often. You'll feel on top of the world! You can drive it coast to coast and nothing will happen! on the repair side! Oil change and brakes gas and wiper fluid!

  7. U wanna make a "statement " u get a s class 550 4matic..
    All cars will gives u some or a problem then again take care of ur car n its reliable.

  8. If I hear "my car" one more time I'm going to SCREAM

  9. Have you had any problems with the BRAKE ACTUATORS or any braking issues in your 08????

  10. “Like my car” “not like my car” “this is different from my car”
    As if we know what the fuck car you own? Dumb

  11. Excellent review. You forgot to review the backseat massage feature, the automatic soft close door, and the simple arm and disarm for the alarm from the proximity or the key.

  12. I looked at a 2020 LS, and I ended up with a 2013 LS 600HL. I think the new LS is just to much bling and hard edges

  13. 73 references to "my car". Dude – I don't know what your car is and I don't care. Even if I did know, I'll never see nor drive your car. The comparison is useless – times 73.

  14. I love this car I love the power of a V8 my my only concern is fuel economy especially on premium 😞

  15. This good old 2013 Lexus LS430 and good mint condition

  16. Thats a really nice car. What do you think about the hybrid version?

  17. A hilariously brilliant, brutally honest review. Thanks for the video. I appreciate it.

  18. Actually would be nice to get rid of the actually parasite

  19. Which rides more floatier the 2011 lexus Ls or this 2013 Ls. Which has the most floaty ride

  20. I'm dreaming about the 2017 in white lol.

  21. Did the one you review have air suspension? The one I'm about to buy has normal suspension but I'm afraid it won't be as comfortable

  22. You're a really good reviewer. I'm saving up for this exact car

  23. I found a 2013 LS 460 that was used as a taxi. It has 336k miles on it! The rear air struts were replaced at 160k & it has had it's service intervals done every 5k miles. They are asking way too much at $13999! I would love to see how it's held up and review it lol

  24. I have the opportunity to buy a 2013 LS 460 white, same interior as your video (grey), $30,000 out the door, with 37,000 miles on it. Should I go for it?

  25. Let’s play every time he says “my car” you take a shot. Seriously dude everything else was great in the video but you talked about your own damn car more then the one you are reviewing!! Kind of annoying

  26. I have es350 but LS460 is my dream car 😍

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