2Pac & Eminem – If I Die Young Pt. 2 (Sad Inspirational Music Video)

Created by DJ Skandalous aka Kevin Rivera

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  1. The last part of the video had to be removed due to blockable copyright. You can listen to the full version with the full Eminem verse here! https://youtu.be/7UGmWvHFFSc

  2. 2-pac-4-ever❤️
    miss you legend

  3. Don’t tell me I’m the only one here

  4. The start is Taylor swift if I die young 😂😂 RIP 2 pac my nigga and Eminem blessings to you my friend

  5. You're a legend 2pac but R.I.P😥😥😥😥😥

  6. I like the music so respect for 2pac best of best😥

  7. Pac Wil be best till the end of time as he said

  8. Forever pac..we love u bro

  9. I get full message and whatever he talk after he is gone!! Rest Eternal Peace my soldier🙏always there for u @2pac

  10. So everybody in the comment section gonna ignore the fact that he clickedbait us

  11. Yeah ah never herd eminem in this song of part 2 so why is his name added….oh fan made right, lol

  12. We always have to squash everything that's good come to the world dont we, fucking basterd fucking planet we live on….this guy would have made great music, if we never had someone always jealous or haten….fuck sake….he was doing all you good, just like nosey, how you ganna fucking take that from your own people, fuck sake

  13. This is going o be my funeral song if I die young its a top sad emotional tune ❤️

  14. Live life love life b true hounest and loyal

  15. This song so sad everything so true smh

  16. 2pac song will never get old ….!!!😍

  17. ‘What can I do but be a thug until I’m dead and gone.’ Rest easy, brother.

  18. You gotta respect 2Pac,
    Corona be scared

  19. 2020 and 2pac still the best

  20. Pac Eminem snoop dr dre ❤ west siiiideer for ever

  21. Watching every day with pain and fair if I die young while thinking about 2PAC R.I.P legend
    2pac left the chat

  22. Me I'm the the rest of my life😹😹😹😹

  23. They will never before gotten

  24. No1 should die young ppl hav reasons 4 all

  25. I aint going back to court so fuck what you thought!!!

  26. 2 pac melhor de sempre não há biggie, emenin ninguem the best for ever 2pac markiavel

  27. 1:58
    “Lyrics from the gutter”
    Ya…that was his point. Lemme tell you how the world really is. Survival is the name of the game. Can’t survive without the green stuff.

  28. His sound is immortal..he will live forever through his music

  29. This song is so emotional. Imagine 2020 with shakur??

    Well brothers and sisters allover the world who are here bcuz of corona. My duwa/prayer is that may God have mercy on ur country and families, and save u from corona wherever you are.

    I also kindly request u to spare 30seconds of ur time for me and kindly subscribe to my channel , if possible and watch a video. My dream is to reach 1 million subscribers.

    Kindly hit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC43nmZpX8JiRaIld1tmaSGQ
    Together we can.

    May God bless whoever is able to hear and read my call, may he even bless those that may fail to. It's a free world. Let's spread love

  30. Pac made songs that he knew was gonna live on forever. Wish you was still alive on earth. It would've been a beautiful thing to experience😓

  31. Miss you too much 2Pac love you man bless bless 😭❤️


  33. Yup yup speaks the trueth

  34. Who is still listening to 2pac in 2020 we will be still listening in 2030 legends never die

  35. Who is listening to this during the quarantine 😓😢 ?

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