Awesome! The lovely feelings of dogs Videos 2017

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  1. Hey men, thats cruel not to share with yor friend, can´t watch it.

  2. One of these peoples eventually going to get their face, I know cuz I used to do the same thing to my dog, you know trying to kiss her while she's growling because she does not like being kissed, yeah I had a nostril hooked by a tooth and a lip as well

  3. El insaf el insaf
    yemek yiyorsun azıcık ver yaaa

  4. My dogs are my best friends, we live on a property in qld Australia, this is what they get up to on my days off

  5. stupid owners….Ya lucky the dogs dont Bite you,when they are showing their teeth Like that…

  6. Ahhh come on guys give them a little bit of food spoil them

  7. Mine keeps looking at me

  8. First guy has a very punchable face.

  9. When they sit on you, it's proof they still regard themselves as your baby.

  10. If a dog can find a loving human,
    he's got it made.

  11. Came to watch vid about cute dogs. Left after realizing it's mostly about fat guys eating.

  12. I 💘 the 🐕 and 🐱 videos so much it's hilarious

  13. to everyone who hasnt a doy: dogs are woderful.get yourself a dog and your life will be a happy life

  14. How could any balanced human being not love a dog? I love all animals but dogs ad people were meant to be together, to be happy, to be complete. We are family, pack. I feel empty without a dog.

  15. Hahaa funny video's 😂😂👍😊❤

  16. why dogs loves humans we don't worth it.

  17. All I saw was a bunch of fat pigs who don't deserve a dog at the start of the vid.

  18. The third one is not a dog, it's a large brown rat.

  19. Dog are amazing, without dog life is not complete, they are God gift for human to make our life happier and is our duty to love them and take care those gift. Take dog from shelter give them a chance to live happy rather than buy, I hv mine 2 and they stole my heart away, I can’t live without them.

  20. DAMN I MISS ZACK, MY WIRE HAIRED TERRIER!!!! He passed away a year and a half ago from cancer.

  21. There is a commandment  in the quran to slaughter all dogs because  it says that they are unclean. It also says that when the muslims numbers are large enough that are to rise up and slaughter all infidels .It is during that time is when they will probably start the slaughter of the dogs also.

  22. Dogs trying not to make their owners feel uncomfortable…Daaaamn they are a gift from GOD…💓💕💖💞💖💕

  23. I don't get it! Our dogs don't look away from food eating humans. They are busy having a stare down!

  24. mi hijo hizo la gracia de besarle el hosico aun poodle casi le arranco la nariz, ojo algunos perros no les gusta que le aserquen el rostro

  25. What other animal shares the bond between man and dog? None! It is a relationship that cannot really be described…one every dog lover out there knows what im talking about. Best of friends. Trustworthy. Loyal to the end. Sure miss my shepherd. Died recently.😖

  26. I couldn't live without my 3 baby's

  27. Angels sent by God that is what dogs are to me.

  28. Pets. Well never turn on u like ur family and friends do

  29. I would love to have a pet but cant where I live

  30. that first one… hope you gave him something ….poor thing

  31. j'ai passé unsuperbe moment merci.

  32. hahahahahah , these dogs have a dignity , mine doesn't hahahaha , she just stares at me when i eat . this vid is so funny

  33. Heck I get the same reaction when I come back from the mailbox. (ha)

  34. This is the best video that I'm never washed of you know dogs it just makes me fuzzy

  35. They are loyal and will always be faithful to us.

    Welcome and choose a simple gift for your pets at

  36. I AM A DOGGIE LOVER 🐕🐩🐶🐾

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