Braised lotus roots (Yeon-geun-jorim: 연근조림)

Today’s recipe is for braised lotus roots (yeon-geun-jorim: 연근조림), something that my readers and viewers have been requesting for years! Full recipe is here.

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  1. family loves ur videos and recipes..this lotus root one is amazing.i tried it in restaurant… will definitely like to try this out.

    plz can u tell me which Soy sauce u have used?

  2. I wonder if it would taste good if I use maple syrup instead….

  3. I just ate this, it was delicious! A completely new texture to me 🙂

  4. It is Mother's Day and I am missing my daughter who lives in South Korea. I had planned to visit her but that is no longer possible. During this time of lockdown I've become addicted to Maangchi's cooking videos and with a Korean market within walking distance of my home and a world market 10 minutes away Korean cooking is my new passion. Somehow it makes me feel closer to my daughter. Today I'm going to go meet a lotus root!

  5. Sugar 3 quarters ?
    Can I put honey ??

  6. Light soya sauce or dark soy sauce ??

  7. Nice. Substitute for rice syrup .we don't get here in dubai. Please suggest. Maple syrup sugar how much ??

  8. Looks amazing! (And so do you!) I can't wait to get to my Oriental Supermarket and see if they have any lotus roots in.

  9. I love this dish soo match thanks maangchi

  10. I found this side dish in the korean supermarket at my hometown. I fall in love immediately and always buy some when i visit the market. Actually, the price is quite expensive there and now when everywhere is locking down while i'm craving this dish. So thankful you share the recipe. Love ur recipe so much!

  11. 美味しそう😍♥️

  12. does it have to be brown rice syrup or are there other alternative? I should have waited until you said use sugar but how much sugar do you use still the same as the syrup?

  13. Is it possible to cook lotus roots using a pressure cooker?

  14. Hi Maangchi, can I use oligodang instead of rice syrup?

  15. I have been in many Korean restaurants in the Philippines, but I have yet to see this. Its a side dish, but hard to find indeed.

  16. Hello from Cyprus….Maangchi, Please, send some for Us. Thank you.

  17. I've been looking for this for ages with no luck. Now you've given me the power to make my own! Thanks!

  18. Can I roast lotus roots in sesame oil

  19. The national flowers of India is LOTUS

  20. Very good yeongeun jorim

  21. My ex-girlfriend had the same kitchen knife. I tried to show her how to sharpen a knife, but I ended up the official knife sharpener. Looking at the scuffs on the side of that knife brings back memories. It was such a soft steel that it only took 2 minutes to sharpen, and only lasted about a week between sharpenings.

  22. You're so cute, I could just eat you all up… yummy! Lotus root looks good too…

  23. Yeon geun jorim very nice recipe 👍👍

  24. I bought some lotus root today from the Asian Market in Watertown NY! Can’t wait to make this recipe!❤️

  25. Lukng lyk jalebi …frm india

  26. 美味しいそう♡、

  27. I’m in japan 🇯🇵 now and I eat the lotus roots is delicious 😋

  28. People disliking this video I don't know on what basis can anyone hate or dislike this video…. I mean @mangchi you are one of the best… Your videos are so satisfying 💓💓

  29. Is this consider pan Chang ? In korea ? As we can put these in fridge ?

  30. My boss made this with honey. Is it suppose to be crunchy I don't want to be rude.

  31. I love the flower I wish I can get it also I want to taste this dish

  32. She enjoys her own food so much
    .. lovely woman and awesome dishes..i don't really make the dishes as much
    ..but I watch it only for you..i get good energies by just watching this channel….love you maangchi ❤️

  33. "We need sesame oyil" …… no one says it like Maangchi!

  34. BTW 'deep frying of lotus roots with curry powder' is also very delicious!

  35. In pakistan we make lotus with meat and eat it with tortilla

  36. Love watching your videos. Reminds me of my moms cooking. Thank you for being here.

  37. Did u dubble fry it😋😋😋☺😎😎😎😎expert by maangchi

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