CGI Animated Short Film HD "Water Lily – Birth of the Lotus" by Water Lily Team | CGMeetup

CGI 3D Animated Short Film Water Lily – Birth of the Lotus Short Film by Justine Cunha, Alexandra Batina, Clémentine Delcourt, Margaux Lahuppe, Pascal miller. Featured on

Water Lily ! An invented japanese tale about the birth of the lotus flower… Made in Supinfocom Valenciennes (2015)

Directed by :
Justine Cunha –
Alexandra Batina –
Clémentine Delcourt –
Margaux Lahuppe –
Pascal miller –

Music by Sabrina Duval –
Facebook page :

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CGI Animated Short Film HD “Water Lily – Birth of the Lotus” by Water Lily Team | CGMeetup



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  1. Hermosa historia! Gracias por compartir! Saludos! Cordiales!

  2. Binge watching in April 2020. Anyone else??

  3. when he started coughing I was like, dude be careful that's why we're all in quarantine.

  4. Thank you👈👍

  5. Is no one gonna talk about how she aint wearing a bra?

  6. I think that the girl don't now that ME ESTOY HACIENDO UNA PAJA.

  7. Imho but I think it is a masterpiece

  8. So interesting Japanese folklore is

  9. I am diseased and not in a good way

  10. This movie was so sad and romantic 😭🌷

  11. This is beautiful but sad

  12. Quarantine got me here and I'm so much glad it did.

  13. That so cool…….how I can painting like that ? 😍😍😘😘🥰🥰

  14. kok filmnya cuma sedikit tidak smampai selesai.

  15. Did no one notice the relation to Ariel in the beginning?

  16. This reminds me of the song willow maiden…

  17. You Know, I Love A Good Flower Story…..And, This Is Awesome……Because, I Love Flowers…….This Is Special Love Story…….Sure, He Could Of Kiss The Water-Lily……But, He Can't….Because……He Has A Special Love For Her…..It's Called A Special Bond Of Love….. That Would Keep Them Together….It Was Love… That Gave Them….The Birth To The Water-Lily Or Lotus….And, Remember That Bond Will Not Be Broken…..They Will Live On Through That "Water-Lotus!"…….You Have A Wonderful, Blessed Life.

  18. An animation with very heavy meanings, but nobody understood this meaningful animation.

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