Come designer outlet shopping at Bicester Village with me and Amy and find out what I bought! Don’t forget to subscribe!💗




Occasionally I am lucky enough to be sent products/clothing free of charge by PR companies, meaning, I may not have paid for everything I talk about. I am not in ANY way obligated to mention these products and if I have done so, it is because I genuinely like them. I would NEVER talk about or show something I didn’t genuinely love.

Sometimes, I may be sponsored by brands for videos. I turn down 90% of sponsorship opportunities. I will not accept unless I love the brand/product already. All products/items will still have been chosen by myself, and the video concept will always be my own idea. I would never endorse a brand/product that I didn’t truly love and believe in.

I use affiliate links in the description box of this channel. This means I earn a very small percentage when you purchase a product I recommend- the same way a sales associate in a store earns commission when they help you select a product. This does not in any way affect the price you pay for the item, and absolutley does not influence my choice of items to show you.

Lots of love,

Freds x


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  1. Who is she? Why? HAHAHAHA. Made my day!!!

  2. who else knew that she was going to get the dress

  3. Maybe sometimes she helps charity causes.. 🙂

  4. I love Bista village 😍😍

  5. question How does she do her hair?!?!?!?!?

  6. My dad bought me the first coach bag that u showed and when i saw it ages ago before i saw this video i was like omg i bet Freddy would love this 😂💘ilysm

  7. “ who is she! “ WHY!” Sooo funny love it

  8. You should put that on you shelf just a tip

  9. That bayswater! Was it dark blush? Im picking her up tomorrow from my local outlet but the bottom half is quilted leather. I'm soooo excited!

  10. I love the colour of the bag!!!

  11. she reminds me of scarlett johansson

  12. Yasss!!!! I'm so glad you got that dress! It's looks amazing on you!!! 😍😍😍

  13. I'm really happy I found your channel because your style is very inspiring and I love how you look!

  14. Were did you go to make the video ??

  15. 0:08 tho lol 😂"who is she?"

  16. I worked with Mulberry, the small classic grain is the grain size that’s what it means not the size of the bag. Xxx

  17. If I was Freddy’s sister (coco) I would always be stealing her clothes anyone else 😂❤️✨

  18. You're so beautiful and amazing! I love your videos!! For me, you're perfect. Don't change anything. Looooooove!!!!!!

  19. And I love ur outfit

  20. I love watching ur videos and I love the pink bag

  21. Oh My God i loved your cowboy accent hahaha

  22. Is the quality of the goods sold at Bicester Village the same quality as the goods sold at the regular stores and online? In America at outlets, the goods are not the same and are manufactured less expensively especially for the outlet store, so the bargain is not as good as you think?

  23. I bought the same pink Givenchy Antigona just 3 months ago in Kobe Sanda Premium Outlet. Fell in love with it at first sight!

  24. I go there quite a lot and it’s always extremely busy and it’s crazy everyone is gonna pushing me out the way it’s crazy! 💞😕

  25. I'm in love with your top 😍
    I also just got into watching your videos and they are amazing

  26. Omg I need to go there but then my whole life savings would be gone😭 Gucci would be the death of me

  27. amie u look great freddy yea hahahaahhahahh

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  29. Loved all of these so much! Also loveeeeee your videos

  30. wwwaaaaawwww – I fell in love with the mulberry bag – i love the color

  31. Despite the price difference, how can you stand carrying/wearing something 2 or 3 seasons out of date???!!!

  32. Fancy by gabi and her NEED to be friends, omg.

  33. I figured you would get the dress!

  34. l really like that bag, good choice 🙂

  35. The small size Mulberry Bayswater is £895 full priced not £1100 ( The large Bayswater is £1095 (usually £870ish in the sale/outlet)

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