Entrepreneur turning lotus plants into luxury fabric

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AP Television
Siem Reap Province, Cambodia – May 26, 2014
1. Wide shot of Loeun Pol, lotus farmer, paddling a boat
2. Mid shot of Loeun Pol, lotus farmer
3. Pan right of lotuses on the lake surface
4. Wide shot of Loeun Pol, lotus farmer, from behind paddling boat
5. Close of a lotus flower
6. Mid shot of Loeun Pol, lotus farmer, on boat harvesting lotus plants with machete
7. Close of a pile of cut lotus plants
8. Wide of house by the water
9. Low shot of child beating lotus heads with stick
10. Tilt down of boy harvesting lotus seeds with a knife
11. Pan right of lotus seeds drying on plastic sheet
12. Pan right of seeds
13. SOUNDBITE: (Khmer), Loeun Pol, lotus farmer, from Kamping Poy, Siem Reap province:
“I’ve been living here growing lotuses for a long time and selling the flowers and seeds and making a little bit of money. Now things are much better because I can also sell the stems so I’m making a lot more money and I can send my kids to school and take care of my family.”
14. Mid shot of Awen Delaval, founder and owner of fashion brand Samatoa, sitting in a boat
15. SOUNDBITE: (French) Awen Delaval, founder and owner of fashion brand Samatoa:
“Lotus is one of the most ecological fabrics, even more ecological than organic cotton which consumes a lot of water and can cause environmental damage. The lotus doesn’t require any added water, they grow in a natural ecosystem that is totally renewable. The process of making lotus fabric doesn’t impact negatively on the environment at any step. Furthermore, we give added value to the plant by using all the parts of it.”
16. Mid shot of jewelry made from lotus
17. Pan left of beauty products made from lotus
18. Close of lotus body scrub
19. Close of label of lotus tea
20. Tilt down from woman cleaning lotus stems to close up of washed stems
21. Wide shot of workshop
22. Mid shot of ‘Lotus Farm Cambodia’ T-shirt
23. Close of knife cutting lotus stems
24. Top shot of worker spreading lotus fibres on wooden board
25. Close up of lotus fibres being spread on board
26. Pan right of hand rolling fibres together
27. Top shot of worker rolling thread
28. Mid shot of worker spinning thread on wheel
29. Close of thread being wound onto spool
30. Close of worker’s face
31. Close of worker’s hands tying knot
32. Mid shot of hand putting spool of thread into weaving shuttle
33. Tilt up of worker weaving
34. Close of worker’s feet
35. Mid shot of worker weaving
36. Pan left of sheet of lotus fabric
37. SOUNDBITE: (French) Awen Delaval, founder and owner of fashion brand Samatoa:
“We had to work a lot in order to improve the process and to get the unique quality of fabric. So we worked very hard to make a regular thread without any fragility.”
38. Wide shot of people watching training video on computer
39. Close of training video playing on computer monitor
40. Pan left of garment factory interior
41. Tilt down of woman working on sewing machine with instructor
42. Close of sewing machine head
43. Tilt up of woman working on dress
44. Close of worker’s hands working on dress
45. Wide shot of Samatoa shop with passing traffic
46. Mid shot of shop entrance with two men chatting with mannequin in foreground
47. Mid shot of dresses hanging on rail
48. SOUNDBITE: (French) Awen Delaval, founder and owner of fashion brand Samatoa:
“This is a very popular dress that we sell today in fifteen countries – in the United States and Europe of course but also in Hong Kong, Singapore and others. This dress, made of 100% lotus, sells for three or four thousand dollars in a boutique.”
49. Pan right of fabric flowers

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