EP.60-Myat Pwint Chel Silk and Lotus Weaving [English Subtitle]

Myat Pwint Chel Silk and Lotus Weaving is one of the lotus silk shops from the 60s year-old-famous community of lotus silk weaving on Inle lake. “Lotus Fabric” has remarkable properties in absorbing humidity from sweat. It is highly absorbent and helps keep the wearer drier, cooler and more comfortable. It can also adjust the temperature of the wearer. In cool weather, the lotus weaving fabric helps keep the wearer warm, while in warm weather, the wearer will feel cooler. Each of the fabric is 100% handmade and takes more than 1 moth to finish. For dying process, the traditional techniques are all done by hand on wooden hand-looms with only natural ingredients. Those are the reason why this special fabric is expensive. Apart from the quality, Myat Pwint Chel Silk and Lotus Weaving also provides variety of design with valuable price which make the shop popular among tourists visiting Inle Lake. #bangkokbank #myanmar #ideacando #business #inlelake #lotusweaving #lotusfabric

Contact: Zaw Min Htoo
Tel: +95 952 101 34 , +95 942 831 3258

Nguồn: baovov.com

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