Epic Jungle Adventure – Phong Nha Vietnam

Went on a epic jungle trekking adventure to a beautiful blue pool and tra ang cave.

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Paracosm: A detailed imaginary world created inside ones mind, this fantasy world may involve humans, animals, and plants that exist in reality or it may also contain entities that are entirely imaginary, alien or otherworldly.

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  1. I don't thick Vietnam is more beautiful before

  2. Welcome TO Nepal for high trekking and other adventure activities

  3. With all that tourism industry developing in that park, i guess it will no longer be a UNESCO gem.

    It's sad to see how nature desappear, day by day.

    Ten, twenty,fifty who knows how many guys walking around it's a heavy load for those jungle paths, where goes all the rubbish those guys do???

    Do they pick it up? Does anyone recycle it?

    I don't think so.

    I just hope jungles have some future, special the Vietnamese one which suffers so much destruction during the war,inflicted by the u.s.a. its estimated that an area as big as Massachusetts state was destroyed by the war, it could have been much more.

    Later on the coffee plantations, destroyed another piece.

    And now the cherry of the ice cream,the tourism industry.

  4. which trek adventure did you choose? elephant-cave-ma-da-valley-jungle-trek?

  5. You should be in Hanoi filming the traffic.

  6. Are there a lot of insects ?

  7. when is the best time of the year to visit?

  8. Can you share the address? How did you go there????


  10. Ur video made me visit jungleboss homestay. My 10 yr kid and myself enjoyed 1 day hike. Thanks
    Buzz me if visiting india

  11. Heya Jenny here from UNILAD, would love to feature this video on our travel page UNILAD Adventure with credit to you! If you’re happy with that could you please submit the video without any water marks to the link below and if you have any questions feel free to email me at jenny.hirst@unilad.co.uk

  12. What time of year is this?

  13. What was this tour called and how do i book?

  14. We're taking a trip to vn next year and my friend wants to do some hiking and visit Tra Ang cave. How much is the entire tour?

  15. Amazing right? 😀 welcome to my hometown

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