Exploring the WORLD'S LONGEST WET CAVE (Phong Nha Cave)

Phong Nha Cave is the longest wet cave IN THE WORLD and we were lucky enough to see it in person. We decided to visit the cave without a tour and saved a ton of money doing it ourselves. Stay tuned until the end to see the exact price breakdown 🙂

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Hi! We’re Jack and Gab, a goofy American couple from San Diego, California. Working long hours at a desk job made us feel like life was passing us by, so in June 2019, we quit our jobs and booked a one-way ticket to travel the world. We’ve been on the road ever since!

We’re passionate about visiting under-the-radar destinations. There are so many incredible hidden gems in the world that have yet to be discovered by the masses! We are also big supporters of sustainable tourism and environmental conservation.

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  1. hi guys I am headed up that way in a couple of days thanks for the the tips and info. By the way I love my dji pocket too. it is amazing

  2. Thank you !!! 🇻🇳

  3. Just remember you're not legally allowed to ride/Drive in Vietnam, IDL exemptions are Vietnam, China etc
    So you have no Travel insurance

  4. So glad you two went there, its an amazing place and you met up with some people from my country 🙂 Stay safe and have good travels.

  5. Can't wait for the rest of your Vietnam videos.

  6. Jack killed the drone shots 👏🏾👏🏾!! We went to Phong Nha cave too, it was awesome we felt like we were in a sci-fi film with all of those cool rock formations. Also….we did the EXACT same thing , we drove to the entrance of the cave but then figured out we had to go to the visitors center and rent a boat haha. Great video guys 😁

  7. Hi Jack n Gab. Really enjoy your vlogs. I've been to Cambodia and Thailand several times. I would really like to visit Vietnam.

  8. Woww the caves look so cool! There's a similar one like this in Oman too, it's called Al Hoota Caves, if you guys come here make sure to visit it!!
    Happy travelling ✈️ ✈️

  9. $18 is not expensive for two people. Come on folks!

  10. What camera did y’all use inside the cave? Came out great!

  11. Look like in the paradise

  12. Such a long and beautiful cave

  13. is this part of a movie? you guys are incredible cool one more thing Jack has a talent for playing drone

  14. Thanks for telling us the price breakdown! I would love to do that trip when I'm in Vietnam. I'll be alone and don't trust myself to ride a motorbike though, so unless I can somehow connect with others who want to do it, I'll need to take the tour. What a great day!

  15. It is a nice cave and beautiful landscape.

  16. A great video – well done and very informative. Glad you two are enjoying Viet Nam. Happy travels.

  17. Beautiful! And ty for including all the prices!

  18. Aussies are amazing but I'm biased.

  19. Jack's hairs curling over his collar now…im going to trouble working out who is who soon from the back..😁 is that the cave where all the boys got trapped recently…? That guy at the end in the blue face mask….that looked a quality protection job…youve given up wearing filters…i notice the savvy locals haven't..is your insurance good for repatriation?

  20. That looks amazing video Jack and Gab Explore will you visit north macedoina next month please reply to me on YouTube

  21. That shot that you showed 6 foot Jack and then scanned up the high walls of the cave, was a really good illustration how tall the cave walls were.

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