Flying With LUFTHANSA In All Four Classes: First Class, Business, Premium & Economy

We flew with Lufthansa in all four cabins for our latest flight comparison: first class, business, premium and economy. Liam, Dan and Nicky flew on an A340 while Jean flew on an A350 because, well, just wait and see.

First Class – @Liam_Spencer –
Business Class – @Comedanwithme –
Premium Economy – @JeanArnas –
Economy – @NickyKelvin –

First Class: 87,000 Avianca Lifemiles + £101 tax
Business Class: 55,000 Air Canada Aeroplan miles + £460 tax
Premium Economy: £891 (cash tickets)
Economy: 30,000 United MileagePlus Miles + £66 tax



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  1. It's interesting to compare experiences. I've flown Delta premium economy long haul twice and Delta's Premium economy seems more like this companies Business class just without the longue access and without a chair that lays flat.

    Also, what was that yellow food in first class? It looks like goop.

  2. obviously this aircraft deserves a thorough refurbishment

  3. That lady was not in a mood 2:02


  5. Singapore Airlines on Best First Class Cabin

  6. I want to kill the first male officer earlier, his views seem to underestimate people ughh! Wtf

  7. When i was flying with Lufthansa economyclass i tought it was business class

  8. Can I plz join your team it will be my dream job

  9. The food in business is better

  10. are you speaking germany well i am from German

  11. I have never been in a plane.
    Never touched one.
    Just went to airport once with my friend who works at refuelling station.His boss let me see the plane from very near.

    I wanna take my grandma on an international business class flight.

  12. Every German look this video to know how it is for other people from other countries I was surprised that I think Dan was ist dein the business class start talking German

  13. It’s Caisey Naistat

  14. Is this in Munich?
    I'm from Germany, Munich!!!

  15. Economy : let me give you a tour there is my bag between my legs and the window
    Business : let me give you a tour so here is my TV and champagne and here is my dining table space and my bed

  16. What a coincidence that jean and Nicky ate the same thing

  17. 8:30,8:45 that was Jean's flight
    The a350

  18. How do they decide who gets what class?

  19. is it just me or is liam fine😭

  20. That Woman for First Class From Lufthansa had the hardest german accent ever😂😂

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