GOT7 "NOT BY THE MOON" Dance Practice

GOT7 “NOT BY THE MOON” Dance Practice

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  1. How about a dance practice of Poison BF version…. Pls & ty ❤

  2. We want to see our boys happy right? Next week nomitation starts, it will be amazing if we can get a win for them! I made a list about what you can do to help:

    •  str3am the MV correctly ( don't delete history, 480 p quality at least, don't mute it, use a account, watch till the end without pausing, wait 10 minutes to replay it or watch another mv

    •  str3am their nbtm stage music core on naver : If you aren't able to see it use VPN deilduck( an app)
    The vi3ws counts a 10% for wins

    •  Str3eam on genie, soribada.. Basically korean sites to chart the song!!! if you can't , do it on spotify

      -MUBEAT:  for Music Core
    Download it, you can collect 45 beats free every day by watching ads. The beats are for voting ( Normally the time to vote starts tuesday until friday) Log in on different accounts.

     – IDOL CHAMP: show champion

    Collect blue hearts by answering quizzes, daily attendance, or getting 30 likes on a comment. These are important cause you use them to DONATE CHART everyday on got7.
    Collect red hearts by watching ads everyday USE THEM FOR PRE- VOTING

    – INKIGAYO: 30% sns/youtube v13ws counts so you now what you have to do!

    – THE SHOW: DOWNLOAD STARPLAY and collect everyday silver coins and transform into vote pass.

    If you have any question just ask! Enjoy the comeback 🙂

  3. Who is the one with yellow long sleeved shirt?

  4. Handsome guys, amazing choreography, wonderful music = got7

  5. when they skip all around Jackson <<<<<3

  6. I am a jackson bias so automatically just have eyes on him, i am scared if i have eyes on other member i will be disloyal Jackson, because they are all so good.

  7. All member are all rounder ♥

  8. JB is enjoying his hair so much that he just going hard on those hair flips!!

  9. Good song + good choreography + talented boys = 🔥🔥🔥



  12. Watching this at half speed is super satisfying…just saying.

  13. I'm sorry but I can't help but laugh at jb's hair jumping around. On a side note that color looks very nice on yugyeom

  14. Yugyeom seems to be in pain 🙁 I hope all of them are getting proper rest ❤️

  15. Bambam: "let's have a white hair and not tell anyone"

  16. This new album, the choreo, everything about this album is sexy. I really love it

  17. I'm living for Mark Tuan fluffy hair

  18. okay but CAN WE TALK ABOUT YOUNGJAE? 😳

  19. Los 7 ♥️

  20. i love how this choreo is more beat focused idk it brings more flAVOR to the table

  21. госпади как сложно но круто ❤💓💕💖💗💜💟

  22. Yang kuning jangan sampai lepas…

  23. I can't take my eyes off YoungJae. So amazing

  24. mark finally got what he deserves! i’m so happy for him

  25. OMG they are so talented..

  26. Haha. Those dance practice spaceman costumes from before would be perfect this comeback. Especially the one's than come mooning. It should be titled special like GOT7 moon dance practice version LOL

  27. i understand this not reaching 1M yet cause we ahgases has a lot to watch. Like got7 give us a lot of content and im liking it. They spoiled us so much. Now im trying to watch every single Video of them. DINGO, STUDIO CHOOM, MCD, KBS, 1THEK etc.

  28. This is why I have to watch all GOT7 videos atleast 8 times. First time just concentrating on the video and the rest 7 times focusing on each member at one time😁

  29. Me watching this seven times to watch each member

  30. i aspire to be jb's hair

  31. the synchronicity of the dance, coupled with those killer high notes and natural rap .. I can't even ask for more… on top of that, their visual are just <3

  32. the best choreography ♡

  33. Mark Tuan Yu Gyeom Kim Young Jae je vous aime tous les trois vous me manquiez je pense à vous trois j'aimerai que vous veniez à Paris

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