How to draw a Lotus flower with soft pastels 🎨 FLOWERS

🎨How to draw a Lotus flower with soft pastels 🎨 How to draw Flowers | Speed Painting
📌 Materials:
* Soft pastels “Rembrandt” 120
* Pastel Pencils “Derwent” 72 colors
* Sandpaper 1000
* Tracing paper

This video will show you how to draw, quickly and easily, step by step a Lotus flower with soft pastels on sandpaper.

In real time the drawing took about 40 minutes.
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  1. 🎨Dear friends! Welcome to my INSTAGRAM: 📌
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  2. Is really wonderful 🤐

  3. Beautif🥰🥰🥰🥰l

  4. lovely, from New Zealand

  5. It is so pretty <3 Thank you for sharing tips
    Can you share tips of how to make raindrops, rainbow and under water sea view 🙂

    Love your art work 🙂

  6. Awesome. You are painting on real sandpaper 1000 with pastels?

  7. very nice

  8. Sister how should I spray fixative on it …..please make a video on it❤❤

  9. I have pastels and have never used them except to make color wheel. I didn't know they could be so beautiful. And I thought I wasn't supposed to use my fingers to blend! Your video gives me inspiration to try and use them, your flower looks real so fantastic, thank you so much.


  11. I subscribed to your channel. Your videos are very helpful and interesting. Thank you for sharing your love for art and for your patience.

  12. You must be the most lovely and kind artist on YouTube! I was surfing through the comments and realize you take your precious time to answear all (or, at least, almost all) of them!
    I loved that because I often see some "artists" who doesn't have 10% the skills you have not giving a f*** about the comments and asks for tips or something.
    Not only that, but I also REALLY love your style! You've just earned a huge fan 💜💛💚💙
    (Please, sorry for the bad english, haha 😛)

  13. ótimo trabalho sheshina, obrigado por compartilhar.

  14. Beautiful! Thankyou for sharing. Soft pastels takes skill for a beginner, especially layering and not creating muddy colours. What is your suggestion for a beginner starting out? How do you know what colours go where without it looking muddy.🤗👨🏻‍🎨

  15. You are an amazing artist. Thank you very much

  16. Thankyou very mutch very beautiful

  17. Hello there. How beautiful this is and dragonflies are a personal favorite of mine. They are one of my spirit totems. This made my day, thank you

  18. Beautiful, Awesome job Katya It looks wonderful! Have a great day. Hugs

  19. I have noticed that your pastels don't seem to be as dusty as many of them can be. Is that because the Rembrandt pastels are more on the hard side? I am in the process of gathering my own and I would love your opinion. Thank you so much, Sandy

  20. I love your painting 🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨 & the song 🎶🎵

  21. Love ❤️ ❤️ ❤️!

  22. Прекрасный романтичный этюд, нежный цветок лотоса и очаровательная стрекоза, спасибо вам Екатерина что не перестаёте радовать нас своим творчеством)))))

  23. I can't watch the video because of a bad connection, but I liked it anyway because I know it will be beautiful.

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