How to Hard Reset Microsoft Lumia 640 XL or any Windows Phone

How to factory reset the Microsoft Lumia 640, Lumia 640 XL or any Windows Phone 8.1 device.

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  1. Thank you so much,thank you,thank you,thank you….💜


  3. people l need your help l have reset my phone Microsoft rm 1127 and l don't know what do help me

  4. Brilliant… straight forward reset.

  5. There is no Microsoft account in the phone on the phone

  6. Thank you so much for your video and your time. This was very helpful as my daughter gave me her old phone and after watching your previous video I was able to work out how to open the case, now I know how to reset the phone.

  7. hi after hard reset my phone now requests FRP please help on how to remove this or bypass it

  8. please help! my phone (lumia 730) heats up pretty fast i dont know what to do and it turns off at 50% battery life or any…..battery is fine help me…..

  9. No one has explained whether we must remove the SIM card before performing factory hard reset, or if it's okay to leave it in?

  10. my lumia 640 xl got stolen today. what can i do for it ? if from this process it can be hard reset then the thief must have already hard reset it, and all my account information would be gone. help me in this matter

  11. waiting for your answer please answer this immediately is this 100℅ safe?I hope hard reset don't kill my phone I want my to wake up again after this hoping for a good answer

  12. Dose it work for device running WP10

  13. it gives me a sad face why

  14. will this get rid of the recovery protection key mode?

  15. I dinth no how to duwet

  16. Hi Shaan! I have a 640xl unlocked, if I hard reset it, will it mess it up? or take it back to the lock version? I bought it though amazon, apparently it comes from Vietnam.

  17. Your accent is really annoying…

  18. somebody just sold me a microsoft windows lumia 8.1 640 phone and now it's asking for a reset recovery protection key is there a way to bypass that the previous owner did not disable the recovery protection please help if u can I really don't want to just throw it in the trash

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