How to make wooden ocarina, with hand tools

My take on making ocarina. Nice little project, that can be done with just a couple of hand tools.

The wood I am using is seasoned piece of cherry.

TUNING: first you get your first tone, without any holes made yet. You than find the position for fingerholes you find comfortable. You start by drilling tiny hole, which you than widen with knife and chisel. Continue to make the fingerhole bigger until you get the tone you want (bigger hole = higher pitch). Than you repeat for the second hole, third one…

I think once you get the air pressure right, it is very easy to play instrument ( I never played one before). This one has very nice, deep voice, resembling the voice of american native flute

Music – Faring (from Gothic , by Kai Rosenkranz)

The outro music is my own recording of this actual ocarina


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  1. I just pin this here, guys if you are interested in buying ocarina like this one, you can contact me via email fletnarstviujilmu(AT) or find me on facebook under my name Jiří Chovanec, thanks

  2. does anyone have any suggestions on where to put my soundhole? i tried at the very top of the chamber, just below the windway and it doesnt make any noise

  3. I have a few questions:
    Can you list down the tools you use for this project so that I can make one as well?
    How do you make the notes and can you change to a different tone as well?
    And finally, how do you attach the two halves together?

    Please reply the answers when you read this. Thank you.

  4. Would you like to talk to saria

  5. To just use a sander or grinder

  6. What should I do if no sound is produced?

  7. Can you make a 12 hole ocarina out of wood too? And the measurements?

  8. I've GOT to try this out!

  9. Waouh ! What a wonderful work ! Magnificient, artistic and precious one. Many many thanks ! We have to maintain our traditions of working and doing !

  10. What playing in video?

  11. this is, this is insane i love it!!

  12. This is like unintentional asmr

  13. Sorry to bother you but what are the tools you used in this video and where can I find them? Very new to woodworking but I'd like to start making more ocarinas of different kinds.

  14. Great build, i love the simplicity of it and how you made it using hand tools. Incredible technique and result!

  15. Finally a Manly Ocarina tutorial. Skyrim will be proud.

  16. Dude you need to market those! I know I would buy one.From the looks of your comment section I’m not alone. Beautiful work.

  17. Hey JJ Ch I found a channel on YouTube who has this exact video up on their YouTube channel. I know they stole it because it came out in 2018 and this came out in 2017 Their YouTube- Birakae Bosbosa (I don’t know if you gave them permission to use it though)

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