How To Play Backgammon

This video tutorial will teach you how to play the game Backgammon. More information can be found at

This video will start by teaching you the general concepts of
Backgammon, and is followed by the more detailed features of the game. The video concludes with an example. This tutorial is perfect for beginning players, as well as, experienced players that need a refresher.

After watching, you will know the basics on how to play the dice game Backgammon. All that is left to do is grab a friend and start playing!

This Backgammon tutorial will cover the following topics:

– The setup

– The objective

– How to play

– How to win

– A review of the rules

– An example

Please leave a comment below if you need any additional information about the game Backgammon, if you have any questions about the game, or if any aspect of the game was not clear in the video.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Ok, i dont get it. Weird game

  2. Wow, there are some stupid people on the internet

    I think this is a great explanation but clearly many of the people in the comments are too dense to understand what is at its core a very simple game

  3. i just found backgammon that i got from my grandma liek 12 years ago, never played it

  4. Play with friends and win tournaments!

  5. I concur with many of your comments. This "tutorial" is definitely more accurately defined as a refresher for people who have indeed already played before. This is not for someone who has never played. Thank goodness, my backgammon partner had played years ago, so he was able to be "refreshed" enough to get a game going. I used this and a PDF I downloaded off of the internet to help me understand the game.

  6. Whew!!!just stop no ones understanding you. I use to play back in the day. But what you're saying had nothing to do with it. Really man. You expect for your babble to go through? Shit up already. You make me sick.🤪😝🥶🤧🤧😷🤕🤒

  7. I thought i had no iq midway into the video​

  8. Hi, I liked your English version of this game,I have uploaded in my country native language if you like you can give thumbs up!😊

  9. You said in the middle that you can’t move if anyone of the Intermediate points is blocked. Yet at 5:00, you moved a white checker 6 points, and then 3 more, but the 6-point was clearly blocked with 6 brown checkers

  10. One reason this video is so confusing for a beginner to watch is because he is playing a two player game where people sit across from each other, from the same position. I'm relearning this game I played as a kid. It's an easy game to learn, but this video is confusing because there is one guy playing both positions.

  11. Correct me if i'm wrong but this game is based on luck and luck alone. You are relying on rolling the right numbers to win and that is all. No decision making involved whatsoever.. Is that right???

  12. Backgammon games and tournaments, every day at GameColony com!

  13. My mother and I have been playing this game since I was a kid and we recently went through to find the history of the game and learn the exact rules and all that good stuff, we've been playing right and we understand everything but there is one sentence that keeps throwing us off, can you please help me out?? The rule is: "if either number can be played but not both, the player must play the larger one." – not sure if we are just overthinking this but it would be nice to get some clarification because it's the same rule on every site.

  14. I’m lost as soon as I saw the board 🤣🤣🤣🤣but it’s sure brings back my childhood memories when my bro plays it in late 80s

  15. Hardest game my opinion

  16. Your rules dont address backwards play, crossing primes, and a couple other rules

  17. I dunno man. To me this tutorial is pretty well done. I’ve never touched backgammon before and this video teaches me all I have to know. Personally I don’t understand why people are confused

  18. I hate this guy hes so bad. He lost me when he started talking

  19. My grandmother taught me this when I was 6

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