Hypokalemia – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

What is hypokalemia? Hypokalemia is lower than normal levels of potassium in the blood, which has a variety of causes, all ultimately leading to issues with muscle contraction.

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  1. Is there a video for hypernathremia?

  2. You deserve a like, comment, and subscribe

  3. Had my first brush with this a few days ago. Rapid heartbeat, which happened almost instantly. To say that it scared me would be an understatement. Initial EKG was abnormal as expected. Was given potassium pills and also potassium on an IV drip. Never much thought about the importance of potassium to that degree. I most certainly do now. I thought I was going to die, completely helpless feeling that I never want to experience again.

  4. I think there is something wrong. if potassium (which is positively charged) enters the cell it would become more positive in relation to the extracellular space and thus depolarizing it instead of hyperpolarizing it. As shown in the video, positive you subtract positive charges from the outside and give it to the inside the cell is more positive. indeed it is supposed to hyperpolarize but i don't believe it is possible unless positive charges are removed from the intracellular space making it relatively more negative. could you explain this please??

  5. I was diagnosed with hypokalemia year 2015. It was a scary experience since i couldn't move my legs.

  6. I suffered with hypokalemia for almost 1 year last 2008, and both of my legs was paralyzed. I can't walk and I can't feel anything if I touches the skin of my leg. Knowing that my potassium level is below normal, I started to change my diet. I ate a lot of bananas everyday. After 1 year, I am fully recovered. I became a missionary and every month I join mountain climbing activities. So for those who are suffering with this illness, don't loose hope.

  7. Absolutely amazing explanation. Thank you

    i was so scared of the upcoming exam and this fell like heaven
    i study in french mind you but the words are very similar and your explanation is amazing
    gonna watch hyper now

  9. I have been keeping my body alkaline every single day for months. Using Apple cider vinegar. I have been going through the worst muscle pain I have ever been through. I have had a leg amputation. Which sucked and the pain was violent. But these muscle aches almost tops it. Once I had a full week where I could barely walk and I ended up getting high af off of vicodin (pain killer). The pain was so unbearable I took more than what I should. I felt my body in panic and I thought I was going to die. But the pain was so bad that I just accepted it. I have pains regularly but that instance was the worst one. I have done exclusive research and found that Apple cider vinegar lowers potassium levels which has been causing my muscle pains. Now that I know this, starting tonight I am going to avoid apple cider vinegar, I just ate 3 Bananas so I should be good… theoretically

  10. what a hardcore video even for me as a nurse!

  11. Just got out of hospital because the hypokalemia

  12. Intravascular space means inside the blood vessels i.e between the rbc and wbc and platelets collectively known as extracellular space

  13. Thank you so much… A fan of osmosis team😍

  14. so basically I have a bad diet and I have to eat more potassium to regulate it by eating bananas n shit or it can be my kidneys n I can be fucked forever……cool

  15. Detailed video.Thanks
    So hypokalemia causes excitability of cardiac muscles?

  16. So, heart faillure increases aldosterone levels, and as a result can increase potassium excretion. Due to this you can develop aritmia's.
    They often also give diuretics with heart faillure (fluid retention) , which also increases potassium excretion. So these cardiac patiënts have quite the risk of hypokaliemia.

  17. Also very much thank you sir tannier

  18. Thank you very much rishi sir…

  19. ACLS and BLS pleaseeee!!!!

  20. excellent video, I'm a french boy with westphal disease and I like to understand how potassium works and what exactly is, this helps me to try to find ways to limit the crisis and the effects of my hypokalemia (around 1 big per week)
    So thank you for your video ^^

  21. Thank you so much for this amazing important video ♥️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  22. Sir your explanation methods is very good India's tutor and doctor is completely uneducated

  23. It'd be awesome if you could make a hyperkalemia video and then eventually hyper/hypo-natremia, your videos are fantastic.

  24. I wonder if one day you will contract a smart person just like you who can translate this lectures in other languages like spanish and french…. But I guess is too much to ask so nevermind.

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