Incredible Trypophobia Plants? Ferns, Lotus Pods & Seeds

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Good medical morning! This is Watson. In the past we have covered Trypophobia… Well, you loved the topic so we are going back to the fear of holes and spots! In particular we are going to look at it in nature… specifically plants.

Where, that’s not too scary right? (NOTE – I have some lotus pod footage if you need it. If we use too many pictures, please ken burns this stuff or add affects to really make it look moving.)

Here is a particular trypophobia enducing image that seems to get a lot of people riled up. Care to take a guess at what it is? That answer is coming up.

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So what was our mystery image? It is the world’s smallest flowering plant, Wolffia Globosa.

It is a species of flowering plant known by the common name Asian watermeal. It is native to Asia and is found in parts of the Americas, where it may be native or naturalized. It grows in mats on the surface of calm, freshwater bodies, such as ponds, lakes, and marshes. It is a very tiny, oval-shaped plant with no leaves, stems, or roots. The body of the plant, a transparent green frond, is less than a millimeter wide. Like other Wolffia, the plant is edible and makes a nutritious food. Yum

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