LEGO City My City 2 – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (iOS)

LEGO City My City 2 – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (iOS)

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LEGO City My City 2 – Free

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Experience the fun of LEGO® City and save the day!

Take to the streets, skies or seas and let your imagination run wild as you build cool vehicles to complete daring missions.

Extinguish fires, catch crooks and explore dangerous environments like the volcano using your amazing creations.

Complete heroic challenges to win new vehicle components and LEGO bricks, and watch your city grow as you level up.

Your LEGO® City needs you.

• Create and modify your own vehicles to suit your imagination, and then put them to the test in LEGO® City!
• Build your own city by completing heroic missions.
• Play with classic LEGO® City vehicles.
• Level up to win new vehicle components and LEGO® bricks

LEGO® City My City 2 is free to play and offers no in-app purchases.

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  1. 26:18 The drowning Minifigure

  2. I think the game was taken down

  3. What are u using to record? I want to know

  4. ah, a very nice meme game. can't wait to play this

  5. I deleted that game but I’m sad I can’t find it 😭

  6. I can't find this game in the store. Is it still available for Ipad?

  7. Я прошел ету игру

  8. Hoe much games do you have?

  9. What the Boat!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ✿ ════ღஐ✿ 👍 👍 GREAT VIDEO 👍 👍 ✿ஐღ════✿

  11. online???

  12. You know if you hit the car in front it will take a lot of damage

  13. i got that app and im in love with this app

  14. This game needs 1 GB , right?

  15. this is a good game for kids

  16. Hay porque no subir el lorb the rings

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