Lotus Flower – 2 Minute Ultra HD Kaleidoscope Video with a LOT of COMPUTER-SYNTHESIZED DETAIL

I have removed all the political videos from my HDCOLORS YouTube channel. I am a human rights activist and optimistic utopian science fiction fantasy writer. My website promoted in the Kaleidoscope Videos is an ALTERNATE REALITY GAME based on a system of COLOR-CODED values, first principles, morals, ethics and goals. It’s quite unconventional and I’m sure it will look like nothing else you’ve ever seen before. It’s a very special website.

These are the basic values encoded onto a single image prominently featuring these three symbols – Caduceus, Golden Key and Golden Scales. I associate values and rights with the symbols. Some rights are duplicated between symbols, such as the Caduceus right to home ownership and the Golden Key right home and private property ownership. One is from a human health point of view and the other is from a banking point of view.

Nguồn: baovov.com

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  1. Please what software can make this kind of colors? Pls suggest me something similar 🙏

  2. Check this out. It's 4K: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PL2sS6bGk1mzEAx6YdFf3PhHpf96fsCkMr&v=XxnEWmAlSsE

  3. Show yourself, droid! Show yourself!

  4. bhai ye backraund downlod kese kare

  5. I took some acid and wanted to look at pretty colours on youtube, then i clicked on a site in the description… who the fuck is Jim Elvige? Feels like i just descended through all the steps towards madness rather quickly.

  6. extremely ironic to host your conspiracy schizo babble on amazon cloud servers

  7. Stay out of politics and stick to the trippy color videos man, Your good at it, dont ruin Your channel with news videos. 😉

  8. I love your work. Please as a kind suggestion don't put attention to the government knews, don't give your energy that way. I think is distracting you from your amazing work. I want more

  9. Try this – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCvbEjH1xV8

  10. this is the place to go if your tripping to hard.

  11. i'm deleting my other negative comment since we had our talk. thanks for all you do,Ken, i will write back to you soon.

  12. Ken is a benevolent Droid. he's going to fix the economy for Christ's sake.

  13. he tried to kill me with a forklift

  14. Beautiful art. May I ask, why do you not use music to go with the animation?

  15. How's that DEEP STATE working out for you?

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