Lotus Juice Persona Mix

This is a revision of my previous Lotus Juice Mix, which now includes songs from Persona Q2 and some more. Hope you all enjoy.

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(I couldn’t find the original artist for the thumbnail, so if anyone could notify me that would be great.)

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===== Song List =====
0:00 (A Deep Mentality)
Art by STAR影法師

3:11 (Backside of the TV)
Art by オトフケ

6:35 (Beauty of Destiny)
Art by ごり

10:30 (Breaking Out Of…)
Art by Hullabaloo

14:22 (Burn My Dread Future Arrange)
Art by しょくむら

19:19 (Dance!)
Art by スオウ

22:58 (Deep Breath Lotus Juice Remix)
Art by スオウ

28:08 (Laser Beam)
Art by 斉藤ロクロ

31:17 (Light in Starless Sky)
Art by 35

35:22 (Light the Fire Up in the Night Sky)
Art by しょくむら

39:54 (Mass Destruction Lotus Juice Remix)
Art by ΗΞDΖ

44:15 (Nothing is Promised)
Art by ♣3

49:31 (Our Moment)
Art by RON

53:01 (Persona 3 FES Opening)
Art by しがらき

54:26 (Pull the Trigger)
Art by ハラダミユキ

57:59 (Road Less Taken)
Art by ちーず子

1:02:12 (Soul Drive)
Art by ec

1:06:30 (Wait and See)
Art by しょくむら

1:09:25 (Wiping All Out)
Art by 岸和田

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  1. These music timeline stamps are so helpful!!!

  2. I was looking for this… thanks!

  3. KURAE OVERDORAYVUUU!wait wrong place sorry

  4. Coming through coming through coming through now, Coming through coming through coming through coming through now!

  5. Awesome mix, but the absence of Unbreakable Tie (Persona 2 Innocent Sin PSP opening) is a bit glaring, especially since that's the one OP where Lotus Juice's vocals are the lead, rather than the chorus.

  6. Japanese Eminem is best Eminem

  7. everything is better with lotus juice

  8. 9/10 no "Lotus Juice Goin Ham" on title

  9. Aka the Joker In smash waiting room!

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