Loyalty Plus Accelerator: Our block-chain powered loyalty platform for travel industry

Loyalty plus is a rewarding blockchain-powered loyalty platform accelerator for the travel industry, that simplifies partner onboarding, and allows transparent brand collaboration, thus enhancing the customer’s redemption experience. It also allows travelers the flexibility to earn and burn points seamlessly, across several partner brands like airlines, hotels, vacation rentals, retail, F&B, car rentals and many more!

Through Blockchain, this accelerator sets the stage for secure and transparent management of smart contracts, which are computer codes with predefined rules for exchange value of loyalty points, that help in forging indisputable deals with partners. By providing travelers the option of different brands to redeem their points, not only are you enhancing customer delight and boosting your brand value, but also brand loyalty! Write to us at info@mindtree.com to learn more.

Nguồn: baovov.com

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