LUIGI'S MANSION SONG ▶ "Phantom Dancing" [SFM] | CG5

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Song/Vocals by CG5
Composition by Dolvondo ▶
Animation/Video Editing by Studio Sprin ▶
Ghost Laughing by Cami-Cat ▶


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Deep darkness falls across the land.
Oh, no, no.
Nobody here to take my hand.
So cold, so alone.
They’re watching wherever I go.
I guess I’ll have to take a stand.
Here we go!

Every move I make, I must stay quiet,
Mamma mia.
Any moment now, these ghosts could start a riot.
No idea!

Phantom dancing, I feel it around me.
Murky mansion, can anybody help me?

Vacuuming every lifeless heart,
All away,
For the professor’s works of art,
Day by day.
Still feel so alone.
I just want my brother home.
So I know I must do my part.
Here we go!

Every move I make, I must stay quiet,
Mamma mia.
Any moment now, these ghosts could start a riot.
Give me my freedom!

Phantom dancing, all I feel around me.
Murky mansion, can anybody help me?
Every second, all my fears prey on me.
Deliverance beckons. We shall be set free!


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  1. You: SCP-3008, Infinite Ikea!
    Me, an intelectual: SCP-L, Infinite Mansion.

  2. I like it this songs 👍👍👍🤩🤩🤩

  3. People: LoL Luigi
    Me: Luigi fight your fear

  4. CG5 Is that really your voice?

  5. Nice job Luigi voice acting it’s the best Luigi voice act I’ve heard

  6. TBH the ghosts are pretty dumb. They can just posses Luigi. BAM! Problem solved but no. The ghosts and King Boo are just plain dumb. Like did they have to do it in a mansion? What about a maze for Luigi to get lost? Ghosts can go through walls. So they would be fine. What about possessing Mario? Luigi wouldnt want to fight his brother. Like im not on the ghosts's side, im on team luigi but cmon. Common sense ghosts!

  7. Que lindo se ve a Luigi hayyyyy POR FAVOR >u<

  8. Me: wow i cant believe Cg5 was for once a backround voice. Looks at comment posted by cg5 Me: does that mean im racist?

  9. (Luigi trips) aah aah aah (me trips) aah aah aah

  10. Luigi is better than mario!

  11. That piano part gets me every time. Its like my bidy forces me to dance

  12. Luigi sounds like a profesional artist like painting

  13. Mario saves Peach
    Luigi saves Mario
    so…. who saves Luigi?!
    Luigi is the true hero!

  14. 2:42 I like that part

  15. Luigi loves his bro but mario is a communist leader

  16. Okay but imagine if King Boo had a rap in this too- Spooktacular.

  17. OK I’m confuse CG5 how your voice Sound like that that’s impossible😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  18. Luigi’s mansion there are a lot of Luigi’s mansion games like Luigi’s mansion one Luigi’s mansion two Luigi’s mansion three what the hell man why should I added Luigi’s mansion four the stupid but come on Luigi‘s mansion the Phantom dancing here’s the three things you never knew about. 1. How are the ponds flowing but the ghosts are not holding them 2. how D mom goes have red eyes she only have green eyes 3. How did the king ghost get Dizzy the is confusing

  19. Man i love this song!!!!!

  20. I love this animation and song

  21. I have an anouncenent to make if you ever found a comment saying "i have a better luigi voice" that was me im so sorry i was about…… 7 years old when i posted that… Again I am so sorry cG5 I'm so so sorry plz forgive me

  22. Subscribe to like this video!

  23. My 3 year old has watched this 100x! Lol he’s obsessed with Luigi!

  24. I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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