Lumia 650 Vs Lumia 640XL, Speed Comparison

Update, April 3rd 2016: We have uploaded a new speed comparison video between the Lumia 640XL and the Lumia 650, addressing feedback in the comments section, with both devices running Windows 10 Mobile 10586.164, watch it here:

We compare Microsoft’s new Lumia 650 smartphone, running Windows 10 Mobile against the Lumia 640XL, powered by Windows Phone 8.1.
The 640XL is older hardware but has a Snapdragon 400 quad core CPU against the 650 with it’s newer Snapdragon 212 CPU quad core processor. Which is faster???

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  1. you get a fantastic good screen + beautiful design + 16 gb ram on the 650 , that's why is more expensive and have a bit less faster processor . Lumia 650 is the best – looking phone – and super screen

  2. I think they both good and I think you should go for the cheapest

  3. To me I think 640xl is a better phone than 650 in many areas

  4. Ok 640 is more complete .. nfc….compass … but wow… the 650 Oled is Top  😀

  5. I never had windows phone… If I buy a lumia 640 can I stay with the latest update of Windows Mobile 8.1 or Im forced to update to the 10?

  6. so guys whic phone is best phone

  7. ¿Entonces es Mas rapido el 640 xl que el 650 0_0?

  8. Thanks. This is exactly what I wanted to see. I've been mostly pleased with my 640XL, but I was wondering if the 650 would be worth the upgrade to get better performance and a smaller form-factor. The XL is a bit unwieldy at times, and I think the camera could be better too.

  9. What case is on the Lumina 640xl?

  10. U need to compare 640 xl and 650 in the same OS

  11. Windows Phone is a lot faster.
    After few months of insider w10mobile I switched back to 8.1.

  12. can you do a similar comparison between microsoft lumia 550 and 650, please?

  13. Why didn't u compare them both running 10? 8.1 is faster than 10 overall

  14. First off I would like people to understand that WP8.1 is 2 complete OSes for what they were ( WP8 -> WP8.1) compared to a trying to complete enough to be released as daily driver WP10M. Right now testing for updates are still being done. So there will always be lags when comparing 8.1 to 10. When MS is able to have the latest redstone build running on all eligible devices then we should revisit this test. Take into consideration that all the build rumors are those to fix bugs and stabilize performance on the devices eligible for w10m.  3 MS devices came out with 10 on them and they weren't even ready, the OS has been updated a minimum of 8 times since .29 and how many before on the 950/XL release last year. Waiting for a truly honest comparison when W10 is at least 1yr + in use then let's see how it stacks up to how WP8.1 was. First mistake was not saying what build the w10m device was running.Perfect example was the 6tag comparison. The app was designed for the 8.1 OS so there will be lag on the 10 OS. what you should test are the 10 version apps to the 8.1 version of same app.

  15. hi i really need help.i have updated my lumia 640xl dual sim to windows 10
    1. it was showing 1.34 GB free space in phone memory, i started downloading asphalt 8 game but after ful download at the time of installation it showed clear some memory. then i stoped it installation from store but my memory is full and even i cant see the game. how can i clear the cache of that game.
    2. if now i factory reset my phone will it get to windows 8.1 again or windows 10 only ?

    please help i cant use any application bcoz of this and it is not allowing any app to move to sd card also

  16. Can you test performance of 14283? It's available for insiders on Lumia 550/650/950.

  17. What a build is installed on the Lumia 650?

  18. Windows 8.1 is way faster than Windows 10. U should hve compare it with windows 10 on Lumia 640 xl

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