Microsoft Lumia 535 Interop Unlock in Action!


After a very very long time waiting for an interop unlock to Lumia devices, it’s finally here!

Credits to WojtasXda for his hard work on Interop-unlocking Lumia devices!

Read more here:
AppData Manager by -WOLF- :

Just Your Problem Baby by Sim Gretina and DongleKumquat:
The Twilight will Rise by Turquoise Splash, Megaphoric, and Joaftheloaf:
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  1. i need this wallpaper

  2. How can i change my window os to android os

  3. Omg I also love the mlp
    really, joke outside

  4. Whats the name of the song anyway?

  5. That music is pretty gay

  6. Please give the links, i have a Lumia 535 with WP10 :'v

  7. with out data clear how can unlocking

  8. please 😭video install vcreg to lumia 650…i cant install

  9. bro,how can i get Custom PFD_mod.xap???or what is this? i had dowloaded spotify XAP file from pc. then i couldnt archive that like u did. please someone help me. i badly need this..
    #TIA 🙂

  10. How do I change the boot image ?

  11. Can i Put Virtual Buttons on my 532

  12. tutorial too on changing the boot logo

  13. how to install appdata maneger.. my pone is not install that

  14. i jst want to edit my lumia 638 registry files so that WDRT will sense it as lumia 636. is that possible with Interloop? pls reply!

  15. those wondering if lose interop unlock after upgrading from 8.1 update 2 to windows 10 the answer is no you dont lose it. what i did was follow guide to unlock 8.1 using mixradio bootstrap trick,installed adblock on xda and set everything up then installed windows insider app and upgraded using fast method. do not hard reset or will lose unlock before upgrading just let the upgrade process do everything on its own. after upgrade is complete make sure you turn off automatic updates and DO NOT update extras + info or mixradio or you will lose it. so far no more annoying ads in apps or sites when use edge. in some gameloft games like order & chaos 2 i suggest turning adblock off before starting to let it download rest of wifi data or it will say you have no internet connection but after install completes you can turn it back on.. those wondering if you lose apps installed if upgrade, mine were still there after upgrading as well as my music and photos but its always a good thing to backup just in case.

  16. Fucking annoying shitty music

  17. Instead of playing music ! Learn to speak with ur mouth and let us understand wtf u wer doing

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