[MV] IU(아이유) _ eight(에잇) (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS) – Reaction

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  1. Flo…I want you to react iu song…the tittle song 'blueming' and 'love poem'

  2. IU is one heck of a singer/songwriter. She wont be nicknamed as the digital queen/digital monster for no reason 😉
    There's a good video talking about all the easter eggs of this MV on dkdktv (https://youtu.be/9Vx50rL2iLo) which got me goosebumps.

    If you're keen for more of her I personally recc.:
    – 'Good Day' (https://youtu.be/jeqdYqsrsA0) — song which puts her on the spotlight and the song that hooked me as a fan.
    – 'twenty-three' (https://youtu.be/42Gtm4-Ax2U) & 'Palette' (https://youtu.be/d9IxdwEFk1c) — can be said to be the prequel of this 'eight'(28) which tell about her life being 23 and 25 yrs old respectively.
    – 'Bbibbi' (https://youtu.be/nM0xDI5R50E) — song about her telling (rude)people off

  3. Waittt whattt?! You're 19 years old?😳
    Als ob, du 19 Jahre alt bist😲
    Ich mag deine Videos und deine Reactions sind sooo tollll. Ich liebe deine reactions to K-pop. Mach weiter so. 🥰🥺👉👈

  4. Jungkook crush is IU 😊

  5. pls react to her acoustic ver of this 🥺

  6. This is a song in memory of a lost friend. If you understand the creation behind this song, you may

  7. The dragon is the lizard she had.

  8. Please watch the explanation video done by DKDK tv. David explains it well.

  9. From her 2008 debut with ''Lost Child" at age 15 to now a mega successful solo artist and A-List actress, IU has already reached 'Legend Status' as the Nation's Little Sister.

  10. More reactions for IU please ♡

  11. You should definitely check out more stuff from her. I would recommend Blueming, Twenty-Three and Love poem for the start. But you can never go wrong with a song from IU so it really doesn't matter.

  12. Wow, even without knowing the lyrics your interpretation is so thoughtful… It can be said as the essence of this music even without the other specific symbolisms…

  13. She is currently the best female solo singer in Korea.

  14. I like your reaction ,real and not too much

  15. More IU pls ❤️ Blueming Bbi Bbi Palette

  16. More IU pls ❤️ Blueming Bbi Bbi Palette

  17. More IU pls ❤️ Blueming Bbi Bbi Palette

  18. You have to know more about her story before becoming this famous and popular and respected
    Also this song might refer to Sulli of F(X) who had passed away recently

  19. Yes bro she is the queen of kpop all of us love her

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