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16gb RAM
1050ti Graphics Card


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**Intro & Outro Made By: JoshuaKerrFox**


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  1. I have an i5-9400F, GTX 1660, and 8 GB Ram. Will the increase in RAM increase the performance overall? It’s fast but micro stutters way too much

  2. can you please help meeeee !! , i love the sims 3 but it keeps freezing & crashing i’m so tiredddd

  3. I was actually interested in how long you usually have your sim life expectancy and weather length that you have found gives you the best amount of time for the best gameplay ..but I’m glad you posted this nevertheless ❤️

  4. Yaasss finally I can see your PXspecs guurll!!
    I think your specs is really good for running Sims 3

  5. New subscriber! Really helpful video I always struggle recording in the sims 3 cause my computer sounds like its gonna blow up lol but I'm gonna try these settings , thank you ☺️

  6. heyy gurl i wanted to know is your graphic card a gt, a gtx or a geforce gtx ? thx ❤️

  7. My i3 computer runs the sims 3 really well

  8. What does animation smoothing do ?

  9. Thanks for this video! Also sims 3 ran good on your old pc because 16 GB ram, 8 is not enough for super smooth one 🙂

  10. It did help but I wish you had showed like your nvidia settings and such

  11. when you started talking about your specs I was ready to head out- cause wtf even- 😭😭

  12. More CC world reviews please, those are my favs.

  13. Thank you for making this video 🙂 It really helped. I also heard that Sims 3 runs better on older computers such as processors from 2012/2013 and my game runs so smooth 🙂 ❤️

  14. I love hearing your voice and watching your videos they make me so happy and help me through such difficult times keep on punching Mary your the best ❤️

  15. Thank u! This rlly helped, was trying to record something but it was so laggy, after I changed some things it’s way smoother

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