Nokia 808 Pureview 2018 Review – How does it hold up?

The Nokia 808 Pureview has been unmatched in camera quality for almost 7 year, but how well have other aspects of the phone held up? Lets find out…

– Gear –
Camera: Sony NEX 7
Lens: Canon FDn 28mm f2.8 + Canon FD 50mm f1.8 S.C.
Mic: Pixel MC-50
Editing Software: Davinci Resolve 15

– Credits –
Music: Chance, Luck, Errors in Nature, Fate, Destruction As a Finale by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Neon Sound Effect: Glaneur de sons –


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  1. The phone and the Symbian from … 90's. But your artist beautiful video and that worm felling from your light in the video and your voice well spoken made my moment really special. Especially that I know very very well Symbian. I have a 701 (witch has the same power and the same OS like PureView) and 4 Nokia E6, witch is STILL my main phone from 2012 until today and is my favorite phone of all time.
    Again, your video was absolutely superb! Retro and all. Now I must watch other videos of yours. Your work is special.
    Greetings from Romania !

  2. Nokia 3310:Nokia 808 you have good camera that's good
    Nokia 808:thx but you are undestruct

  3. dude really? a 41mp camera with a 640×360 viewfinder? ugh.

  4. If only nokia stick to symbian o.s and upgrade it there will competition shit happening.

  5. Just love the video very calm…but i miss nokia…

  6. ohh man, this makes me an emotional 😓♥️♥️Nokia

  7. Nokia 😍😍

  8. You deserve more Subscribers…

  9. Hey
    Can I upload this on my channel??
    I need your permission

  10. Microsoft destroyed Nokia Corp…Bill Gates is a son of a bitch…just ruined a history of awesomeness…

  11. wish nokia was never gone to microsoft in the first place, wish they found the way to google like hmd did.

  12. I love the place where u live

  13. Please sir I need that mobile

  14. I mean is kinda obvious the end call key is the power button, it even has the I/O logo printed there.

  15. Nokia should go to Android not Windows that time… bad dicision

  16. Year's ago I'm big fan of Nokia phones but now I'm moved to Samsung

  17. Yeah this device and camera's are owsem and if nokia designs a smartphone with this desigh and full display then it's gonna come back like a boss

  18. Hope somehow install gcam in it

  19. I own 808 in black colour from about 6 years now and still works very well ! Like you said its cant go with modern phones like web etc. but in multimedia department its still one of the best in the market ! I still own Nokia E7-00, N97, N70 and before mentioned 808 ! Nice presentation !

  20. apple take note. it has oled

  21. Splendid video…thank you so much…I own one since 2012 with so many nostalgic memories…need a help…my device lying dead since a year because unable to find any battery replacement for it…tried everywhere I could…

  22. I want those lumina days resurrected!

  23. How can I get my hands of this model? I have been searching my whole life for one

  24. If Symbian are successful so android has tuff market

  25. I like his voice… 🤗✌️

  26. I still have this phone. Although Symbians is obsolete, I can still make and receive calls, messages and of course the camera. The camera is stunning. At the time of launch, having a Carl Zeiss camera on a Nokia was unseen on the rest of the phones. No mobile phone compete with Nokia 808 on the camera. The images are crispy clear and even today some of the best phones are nowhere close to the Nokia 808. Luckily I preserved this phone and even today it's still in immaculate condition. Good job nokia for the phone. I'm really proud to have this phone today.

  27. Whatever new phone comes nowadays, I miss old Nokia phones

  28. Can u buy this now if available pls reply

  29. Nokia hardware + Android technology + Apple Security and Support = Great Smartphone

  30. Those phones have actually some unique design!

    Commenting through Nokia 7.2 as a Nokia lover.

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