Nokia Lumia 1020 in 2018: Can this Zeiss phone camera still compete?

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Can the Nokia Lumia 1020 camera still compete against modern smartphone cameras? This Zeiss shooter was a crazy experiment for its time, and we’ve never seen any tech like it since. Kicking off 2018, we’re going to take a look back at an incredible achievement in mobile photography and comparing it against a modern flagship. Nokia vs Huawei! Zeiss vs Leica! Let’s do this!

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  1. I remembered my nokia n82 xenon flash can take photo of spinning fan blade at high speed. I can read the word and the dust clearly. Good ol zeiss lense.

  2. Plz give me Lumia 1020 phone

  3. I still have Lumia 640 , Zeiss lens aré the best

  4. Nokia Lumia is good camera

  5. Lumia 1020 o melhor

  6. Nokia camera photo of ball gives warm feelings and made memories .

  7. i fcking miss cortana way better than sere n sht

  8. I loved my 1020. Great camera wireless charging and live tiles. I really liked the windows phone OS as well, they were just too late to the party.

  9. I'd love to see an updated version of this video with a Huawei Mate 30 Pro, or maybe even the new S20 Ultra

  10. I'd compare it to something else. Huaweis typically have crap cameras.

  11. December 2019 and I still use this phone.

  12. Nokia Lumia was ahead of its time

  13. I will instantly buy renewed version of Nokia 1020 , I dont mind additional thinkess at all. I just want phisically bigger sensor/

  14. It’s near the end of 2019 and still nothing beats the Pureview 808

  15. People just want a phone to use easily and hold it well, designs have died, cameras too (I don't use them, but still man!), trying something new is no more a thing, phones are not for nerds now, it's for normal consumers, it is sad af as I started off with Symbians in 2005, the thing that was a huge push for me to discover more in this world (and in computers)

  16. Fast forward to November 2019. Xiaomi with 108 megapixel, penta camera phone…

  17. Pureview 808 and Lumia 1520 are both safe in my closet 🙂

  18. Blaming customers for not sticking with wp is childish Microsoft should have developed the mobile platform when the iphones and first Android one's launched they were not adopting to the market changes. Market will choose which is the best.

  19. Please make more great videos like this!

  20. Made vdeio about lumia 1020 sorry copied the transcription.

  21. i still using nokia lumia 1020 😀 , ~6 years of use and still works perfectly

  22. i remember when this phone came out lol. i remember thinking a phone with 40 mp was amazing. and even today cameras on phones are 12 to 16mp

  23. I really wish Microsoft never stopped making phones. I always had one with me. My lumia 950 xl is still my favorite phone of all time. I liked it better than my iPhone XS Max and op7 pro.

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