Nokia Lumia 1020 – Shortfilm/camera comparison

Nokia Lumia 1020 has the best phone camera on the marked right know, and I have tested it by making a shortfilm and a comparison.

The camera has a carl zeiss lens and an unbelievable 41 megapixel sensor! In addition you can get a camera grip for you 1020, which makes it more comfortable to take pictures. You also get 50% more battery life with this grip and it even has a screw mount so you can use a tripod.

Since I mainly work as a cinematographer I have tested the video quality of the Nokia lumia 1020. I have made a shortfilm and compared the camera with three other cameras (Canon 550D/t2i, Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 808)

I have also tested some really nice built inn apps like the “Nokia Smart Cam” were you can change faces of the people you have taken picture of, make blurry effects, create actions shots and so on.

The 41 megapixel sensor gives you crystal sharp images. Since the images are so sharp, there are no problem zooming in and reframing the shot after you have taken it. I must say I’m really impressed with this phone, and I’m glad Nokia has used a lot of time to focus on the camera.

And it was about time it was released in Norway. Yey!

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  1. I love you so much my lumia 1020

  2. But the stabilization is outputed

  3. WOW Nokia 808 IS REALLY GOOD

  4. Never try to kick your own turds like a football. Or run really really fast while pissing. I like to fert in public and smell them

  5. this is a great short film i've ever watched, the more i am surprised is knowing that it is only shot with nokia phone. meanwhile, i felt sad because Nokia today is really left behind. I just hope Nokia will come up and compete again. I've got my Huawei Mate 20X now and used it for some of my videos. and it has the wide screen option too to make your video look like a hollywood movie. hope you guys will check it out too. thank you buddy for this great video you've shared. now i'm subscribing because of this. cheers.

  6. This quality of video beter than my samsung a50

  7. Can you focus manually while filming a video with 1020 ?

  8. Actually really liked the look of the 808 in that backlit shot. Might have just been better exposed but it seemed to have a bit more dynamic range.

  9. In 2019, It still remains the beast. Nokia is Nokia.

  10. December 2018 – and I'm looking to using this phone for image and video taking

  11. I am a proud owner of Nokia Lumia 1020.

    Almost 2019: Still unbeaten, hardware-wise.

  12. Fast forward to Oct 2018 and the Nokia video quality still looks better than many other phones today. My favorite look is the Nokia 808

  13. Great video i think images are better than Note 8…..ahhh and with all respect, the girl models are beautiful.

  14. Man, i really loved your channel. If u have some t trie to maje a video.using a lumia 930

  15. Lumia 1020 camera is good, but DSLR more advanced, Phone camera Photo processing can't beat Professional Camera even in detail, white balance, bokeh, dynamic range, and color from DSLR is pretty good.

  16. damn this phone is excellent!

  17. Today this camera has still the highest resolution,.

  18. That phone is amazing. Why the fuck did they stop making these. Idiots..

  19. It's sad to see such a revolutionary camera fade away … the real downside of Windows phone

  20. Nokia Lumia 1020 definitely outshines even current flagship phones in camera. You can definitely feel like images are 3 dimensional than 2 dimensional

  21. What language is this guy speaking, this does not seem to be english at all !!!!

  22. I dream about having lumia 1020.

  23. This was filmed ON A CELL PHONE! AMAZING!!!!

  24. Wtf! Nokia 808 could make a damn movie.

  25. is it possible to have the same quality at New Nokia models? Nokia uses Carl Zeiss in some models.. But I am not sure if I can catch the same great performance like this

  26. Wow nice phone. Who watch this 2017?

  27. Just using an old 1020, loving it!

  28. And now we're in 2017 – and it's still unbeaten.

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