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Low specs on the Nokia Lumia 610 and a cheap price point doesn’t mean build quality and materials suffer. They’re excellent as you would expect from a Nokia phone. Check out our unboxing below to see what’s inside the box and how the Lumia 610 looks in hand.

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Nokia Lumia 610 Review Unboxing | Pocketnow



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  1. does it have low light mode (or is it called "night vision mode"?) do every "lumia" has it, is this why it is called "lumia"?

  2. Too bad its windows 7.5 and not 8

  3. Does this phones come with a micro sim or do I have to buy one separately

  4. Does this phone cm with the micro sim

  5. I've just ordered a Nokia Lumia 610 and i'm sure glad i did, great Unboxing and Review.
    The only downside is is that you cant expand your memory!!!!
    Other wise, this is a very good phone!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  6. im going for 1 of knows wean im 17

  7. im starting thinking on selling my galaxy S6102 and buy that lumia 610

  8. ???? I just stated that i said "Lookst better than MOST Android budget phones." I didn't say it's any better…

  9. but its not. it has 256MB of RAM and 65K colors

  10. Yeah they do. That's why i said "most" haha

  11. Xperia Tipo & Xperia Miro looks better

  12. its a budget phone

  13. Yeah but i was talking about the looks. Not the OS. But it sure it smoother.

  14. Better than Android budget phones? It's smoother than half of the mid-range Android phones!

  15. Those must be some fucking expensive chips

  16. the guys review is an ifan

  17. Well it's not really a low spec phone, they just call it low spec just because of the RAM on the lumia, but if you set aside the ram, it'll be the same as the iphone 4(8gb) , the same power which is 800 mhz, same 5mp, on my point of view same image quality, same smooth interface unlike android sometimes, it's just the 610 doesnt have a front cam, so for short it's almost the same as the iPhone4 but not 4s

  18. can u tell me plz what the SAR rate of this phone?
    i looked everywhr!! thanx!
    good video by the way

  19. With cheap phones come sacrifices.

  20. good news for lumia 610 lovers rovio has brought an optimized version of angry birds now it plays on 610 i beleive almost all nice apps like skype will be optimized in the same way…. and now der's no point saying that low end android phones don lag.. if they don't lag this one definitly doesn't moreover jus look at it man android is nowhere near it…

  21. @thebob7255 regular chips just lots of them

  22. Look at the gui, its so basic, barely any apps that are decent…

  23. I'd rather go with the Defy mini

  24. Dont know why someone who isnt interested in Nokia or Windows Phone would take time to watch this and respond to it…personally waiting to buy this phone…would like to see how a budget WP performs as compared to my current budget android…jus want decent performance and good battery life…dont care bout apps n games tat may/may not work as long as i can do my basic daily browsing and social networking without any lag and worrying bout battery…

  25. Its his job to review and write about them so he gets them free.

  26. I have a android and it has a 1ghz single core processor. And it doesn't lag

  27. i currently own a C7 and owned a E75 , and i wont ever buy another Nokia in my life 😛 just sayin cuz androiid is much better from what i saw , it doesnt lag for shit unlline the Symbian Belle update 🙁

  28. I would get this just so I could try out windows phone

  29. Have you even used one? They got the potential to defeat even android man! Android lags as hell! I'm using one! Unless you go to high end android device, it will lag ur a*se off man! Move on!

  30. crap phone looks like any old nokia phones

  31. There is a version of Angry Birds coming for it

  32. Not cheap enough, it's around £80 more than the Lumia 710 here in the UK which is a better phone. Seems pointless to release it over here, hell, at all, with the 710 being so cheap.

  33. Running windows phone = automatically shit

  34. seriously how much money do you make to have IPAD IPHONE HTC ONE X SAMSUNG GALAXY S3

  35. i like how he says his name at normal speed, unlike the other two 🙂
    cool phone anyway, looks exactly like the zte blade android phone i had. youd still be better off getting a second hand windows phone though, i just bought a focus for 130

  36. yep you provide the 99 cents and it provides hours of fun 🙂

  37. Looks better than most Android budget phones

  38. Good phone and cheap as chips

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