Nokia Lumia 625 Official Cyan Update

Nokia Lumia official 8.1 Update
Nokia Lumia 625 official 8.1 Update
Nokia Lumia 625 official 8.1 Cyan Update
Nokia Lumia official Cyan Update India
How to update Lumia to Cyan
How to update Lumia to Windows 8.1
Windows 8.1 Cyan Update Review
Wndows Phone 8.1 Update
Lumia 8.1 Cyan Changelog
Windows Phone 8.1 Features

Once the device has been upgraded to Windows Phone 8.1, several apps and system services will receive changes from user interface to functionality. Here are the most notable features on Windows Phone 8.1

1. Cortana – a smartphone virtual assistant using Bing to update users of what stuffs are interesting online. Users can also use Cortana to inquire, set schedules and get useful recommendations.

2. Personalisation – new personalisation options are available from Live Tiles, themes, colour schemes, status, notifications, Web sites, album arts and many more.

3. New Background – a user can use a favourite photo to become the background on certain Tiles.

4. Accent Colours – a part of personalisation options which allows users to rearrange the Live Tiles, adjust size and modify accent colours.

5. New Camera – additional support for the Camera app such as photo apps, Burst Mode and new organising method on the Gallery app.

6. Across Devices – the device gets connected among different Windows devices such as tablets and computers. Users can utilise OneDrive, MS Office and Skype across all compatible devices.

7. Xbox – a newly updated device to Windows Phone 8.1 receives Xbox as a built-in app. It is connected to the gaming achievements, friends and multiplayer action across all devices such as PC and the console itself.

8. Xbox Add-ons – in addition to games, Xbox on Windows Phone 8.1 supports Xbox Music and Xbox Video for favourite playlist and movies on the go.

9. New Keyboard – a new keyboard will be added which features Word Flow gesture to complete words via gliding.

10. Action Centre – view all notifications from email, SMS and social media updates thru one swipe.

11. Battery Saver – native power saving application to extend battery life.

12. Storage Sense – monitors storage capacity with easy transfer of apps from the internal storage to the microSD card.

13. Data Sense – monitors the data usage and conservation methods of the data plan by using free Wi-Fi hotspots.

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  1. O bhai apne iska family set up kaise kiya muje iska answer bejo…

  2. Hy, have you instaled windows phone 8.1 update 2? I've heard that it make the camera to not work? I am planing to buy this phone in a few weeks, and I want know if it's true. Thanks in advance.

  3. its possible to change equalizer with the phone speaker, without head phones?

  4. How do you download this update?

    good work man , I also had 625, can I  contact you through facebook

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