Nokia lumia Icon review (Nokia 929)

In this video I give you my full review of the Nokia icon. After using this device for over 30 days I have to say I am very impressed with the phone see our full review and let know what you think.
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Thanks TK

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  1. so i heard u say that u bought it from Microsoft store. does it also come unlocked if i get it from verizon store or does it has to be from microsoft? 

  2. There's plenty of reasons to upgrade.  I upgraded from the 928 to the Icon and still feel that it was worth it.  The higher specs makes the phone more futureproof, the screen is amazingly clear (can't stand 720/768p screens now), and apps/games performance is noticeably improved. 

    Good review, but I wish you went into more detail of the phone itself.

  3. If only I have the money 😞

  4. Thanks again TK. Excellent review

  5. How does the battery hold up when compared to the 1520?

  6. I have the Icon which is my first Windows Phone and I love it, although I dropped it and broke the screen. Great review!

  7. I have small hands and I use a galaxy s4 and it fits pretty well actually. I would have liked to get this but the galaxy s4 was on sale at best buy for 50 dollars on an upgrade and it was a one day thing. So I jumped on that. I am still pretty happy with it it has 4.4.2 on it already since I am on verizon. For now I am using launcher 8 and sometimes nova launcher. I really like the launcher switcher it came with on 4.4.2

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