One Piece Luffy vs Cracker Full Fight (AMV) (VI6)




One Piece Luffy vs Cracker Full Fight (AMV) (VI6)


Pokemon – Lusamine Battle Theme “Epic Metal” Cover (Little V)

My Hero Academia – Peace Sign [FULL VER.] – English Cover (Caleb Hyles)

Sonic Forces – Infinite Theme “Epic Metal” Cover/Remix (Little V)

Mania Cover by Emi Jones

One Punch Man Opening – The Hero | Metal Cover (Paulo Cuevas)

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  1. Música horrible, ni siquiera lo compensa la edición.

  2. i didnt knew that luffy could beat an enemy by eating that much

  3. BGMルザミーネ戦で草

  4. your try is bad with this music you added…better to hear both in low volume than this

  5. Lol cool with just the music but the singing .. was a little to much sorry. Hope you get or got a record deal..

  6. Bruh imagine the dumps luffy would be takin.

  7. God this music is garbage

  8. hard rock with luffy on an eating spree. i laughed

  9. Dude.. an amv should have "good" or appropriate music. This shit is fucking terrible. Couldnt have been worse. Lol

  10. Why are they playing mha music in one piece

  11. Boring fight for luffy

  12. che palle ma chi cazzo è che nel ventunesimo secolo si guarda ancora gli AMV. crescete cazzo . quando avevo 5 anni guardavo i video di goku con la musica dei linkin park .

  13. Cracker and luffy had a haki clash?

  14. crap music ruined the video

  15. At first, I was like "Oh….great 😒 another UNattractive character"
    And then when he showed his real self.
    I was like "😶😳😫 I'm so sorry I take that baaack!" and then "Well…why didn't they show his real self all this time?!!..I got bored to death"
    He's officially my third favorite character In One Piece. Please don't think I'm weird but I have to say this. He looks sooo cuute. And I LOVE his hair and It's color. It looks so soft. And his powers and cute too. Crackers 🤭. "Polly wanna cracker?" Pffff.

  16. luffy the One Bite Man

  17. stop fking music always same thing

  18. La battuta che manca nel finale di questo incontro.? Con del latte al posto della pioggia, lo avrei gustato meglio il biscottone. :-}

  19. what is Last episode this

  20. horrible la musica compadre te doy dislike por eso

  21. it did fucked up this fight

  22. I just realized that nami withstood crackers conquerers haki

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