Rumours of Kim Jong-un’s death were 'greatly exaggerated'

Sky News Foreign Coordinator Brent O’Halloran says rumours of Kim Jong-un’s death have been “greatly exaggerated”.

“It’s difficult to speak with much certainty regarding anything to do with the North Korean leader or indeed anything going on within the hermit nation, Mr O’Halloran said.

It is understood the 36 year old leader of North Korea underwent heart surgery earlier this month with several US outlets quoting unnamed US intelligence sources reporting there were complications from that surgery.

CNN said he was in “grave danger” while an NBC reporter tweeted he was “brain dead”, a tweet which was later deleted, Mr O’Halloran said.

Officials in South Korea, Japan and China later said there was no evidence to suggest Kim Jong-un is severely ill.

Mr O’Halloran said “this was not the first time US media outlets had released false information”.

While it may have been an “incidental mistake,” Mr O’Halloran said “it was this sort of journalistic malpractice which bought us three years of uncorroborated Russia-Trump collusion conspiracy theories which were peddled by the majority of US mainstream media outlets”.


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  1. wish he was dead with killerry hanks lady ga ga .katie perry the whole pratting evil lot of them

  2. Well if China say Kim Jong Un has never felt better, what more is to be said. At least we know now that he had a heart.

  3. Kim jong un: dies
    Residents: laughs in crying

  4. Why aren't you talking about the disinfectant part👀👀👀😂😂Australians are such suck ups 😂😂

  5. Its not dead until simpsons say it

  6. Kim Jong un isn't dead SMH

    He was seen around a holiday home with some drones.

  7. We just hope he’s dead

  8. Where did Australia get the fruity fat baby of michael moore and elton john? Why did they make him a news anchor? No one wants to see that sh!t!

  9. I'm in South Korea now. Time to coffin dance!!!!

  10. Recite the Pure Land Rebirth mantra prayer for Kim Jong-Un

  11. Title reads about north Korean leader reporter begins with corona news me wondering has Kim jong un become corona virus

  12. Please be dead😢😢😢😢

  13. No he’s dead and gone and praise God for that !!!

  14. What happen to the small businesses ? I applied foa a loan 4,5 weeks now , hear nothing back

  15. Americans are true idiots. Demonstrates to be freed from lockdown, wears a mask to protect himself from the virus. 😂

  16. Kim Jong-un: my death was greatly exaggerated

  17. CNN , the fake news distributor is spreading all these lies about Kim Jong-Un. They started the fake news and supported by NBC.
    Today CNN posted a different version of Kim Jong-Un obtained from South Korea. The statement said the opposite ie , the leader is well…so pathetic!! CNN fake news.

  18. It would be a great relief once that bitch dies, he's done too much to people.

  19. He's always been Brain Dead!! kim Jong that is!!

  20. They are not reporters they are programmers!!!

  21. Chairman Kim is the personification of health and wisdom.


  23. The rest of the world: Oh. I thought you were dead…

    Kim Jong-un: My death was… Greatly exaggerated.

  24. Testing does NOTHING about dealing with the pandemia ; it's just another TOCA COJONES from the iddle media

  25. Oh, boy you people are real Trump lovers aren’t you? Disgusting!

  26. The president meant that to apply UV light and heat to filter blood running through a blood purification machine what the f#ck news reporter you very well new what he meant. Setting in the sun my @ss. All they want to do is make Donald Trump look bad or stupid. Applying UV light and heat to filtered blood has stop many viruses and more so hey news reporter f#ck off. They knew what he meant.

  27. More like imaginary sources. You can say sources say without naming the source and get away with saying anything. It's imaginary sources not unnamed. I live in America btw lol

  28. Fuck bill gates, fuck your vaccine and fuck your RFID chip 🖕🏻🖕🏻

  29. "I'm a scientist, i support science"
    Well no shit sherlock, at least the confirmed herself that she's useless

  30. Kim jong uns: dies
    Everybody: happy noises

  31. I will try the new vaccine trial

  32. yes exagerated. he died weeks ago.

  33. Good to know there's someone on the outside looking in at us and clearly understanding how complete shit our mainstream media is. Maybe we need some Aussies sitting in on our daily Covid Whitehouse briefings asking actual relevant questions instead of the numbskulls that are usually in there.

  34. USA killed Kim jong yun

  35. "Anxiety prone" as he wears a mask.


  37. Can you exaggerate death, though? Seems like a black & white issue to me.

  38. So cnn was exaggerated again yeah I never believe those people

  39. They’re taking bets in Vegas on how long she will live after receiving that “vaccine”

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