Shallon Lester Only Gets Worse…

Shallon Lester Only Gets Worse…
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  1. As someone who poses on yachts in the Mediterranean during Cannes all year long, I can confirm that we're all hoes. Dirty whores

  2. Shallow: I don't even know what they are (BTS)
    ARMY: so u have chosen death

  3. That woman is an idiot, she's saying she wants all Asian men to have black hair and black eyes. Has she never traveled outside of her country? Not all Asians look the same. I bet she says the same about other people of different ethnicities.

  4. I recognized literally every single celebrity she was shitting on.

    Her, though…??? Never heard of or seen her before in my life. 🤷‍♀️

  5. "I'm not a dog..I'm a witch" Soooooooo painfully embarrassing.

  6. Nigga stop wearing cat ears and those doofy ass glasses

  7. Omg I need that Harry styles song as my ringtone

  8. Kpop fans as far as I know call themselves "army". She was done for the moment the moment she shittalked bts lol. The army is going to mobilize their massful troops and bury this bitch.

  9. She gives out more judgement than a courtroom. She talks about other people because she has the personality and intelligence of a carrot.

  10. Lol so everyone who has the same eye color and hair color look the same to her. Must be where she gets her confidence from. Thinking she looks like gigi hadid

  11. hey @Def Noodles you should check out this live by Lil**e J*an that's extremely disturbing

  12. Social media has exposed a legion of hideous people.

  13. To Asians, all white people look the same

  14. The ignorance this lady exudes is just…. astounding.

  15. Thank you for this!!! Hahaha you’re the best!!! SUBSCRIBED!!

  16. She was actually 29 when she made those comments about my man J Biebs.

  17. She is another disgusting waste of space, simple. But honestly, when she said "Ashleigh…..l.e.i.g.h" I found it hilarious. That's about it.

  18. As someone who’s name is Leigh, she’s the damn reason why people say my name wrong. It’s LEE not Lay you jackwagon.

  19. New fan here, just found your videos the other day!!! 🥰

  20. Has Harry responded to that claim? I don't really care if its true but if it's not, id love to see him publically call her out on it

  21. Excuse me face tatts aren't a red flag. Next she's gonna say colorful hair will be a red flag!!

  22. The part with bts was awful, what made it worse was that afterwards she pulls out a Monsta x poster and says “you can’t tell me these are different people. You may say that it’s Monsta x but it’s really bts” implying that all Asians look the same??

  23. i remember wearing an anklet while she called women who wear them whores

  24. Why is Harry Styles keeping quite??? He should say something.

  25. She’s basically Regina George if she never changed and her channel is essentially a burn book.

  26. The colorblind joke killed me

  27. They look better than you and stop being rude girl your old and after Justin 🍆 man take this bitch off

  28. DC really needs to come collect their villain. I don’t know how she got out of the manuscript.

  29. That harry styles story is straight off of wattpad

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