Shopping in Palm Springs! Designer Outlets & More… ~ Freddy My Love

The first half of this video is a paid collaboration with SIMON SHOPPING DESTINATIONS- come shopping with me and Josie in LA and Palm Springs! *outfits linked below, affiliate links used* Hope you enjoy, don’t forget to subscribe 💗



Brown sleeveless turtleneck-
Pink floral strapless dress-
White knee high boots-
Round sunglasses with hearts-
Long white desert dress-
Nude ankle strap heels-
Safari print two piece set top-
Safari print two piece set shorts-
White broderie shorts-


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Occasionally I am lucky enough to be sent products/clothing free of charge by PR companies, meaning, I may not have paid for everything I talk about. I am not in ANY way obligated to mention these products and if I have done so, it is because I genuinely like them. I would NEVER talk about or show something I didn’t genuinely love.

Sometimes, I may be sponsored by brands for videos. I turn down 90% of sponsorship opportunities. I will not accept unless I love the brand/product already. All products/items will still have been chosen by myself, and the video concept will always be my own idea. I would never endorse a brand/product that I didn’t truly love and believe in.

I use affiliate links in the description box of this channel. This means I earn a very small percentage when you purchase a product I recommend- the same way a sales associate in a store earns commission when they help you select a product. This does not in any way affect the price you pay for the item, and absolutley does not influence my choice of items to show you.

Lots of love,

Freds x


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  1. omg she doesn't know what clout goggles are 😂😂

  2. There is a lot of that view in Israel. You'r invited!😄

  3. Freddy, you are such an inspiration! I love how you purchase a few but real value items! I wish I could have the same self-control but definitely will try to improve my wardrobe with special pieces.

  4. Can i have your life please 🙂

  5. 15:32 freddy looks just like the VS angel romee strijd!

  6. Veut tu devenir ma femme ??….tu est trop belle !!!😍😍😍😍😍

  7. Nex time you run out of shower gel … just let me know … I live 5 minutes from the Outlet of Orange and can always mail it to you!

  8. When she wears pink she looks like aurora and when she wears blue she looks like Cinderella. If Disney doesn’t contact her soon I swear!😂

  9. when she is talking about the hot weather it sounded to me like she said "it's like 38 degrees or something crazy like that" at 6:15

  10. love the blue outfit,and try to get the same one until I see the price

  11. You are literally a gal pal dream

  12. You are living the dream

  13. Is your last name Brown??

  14. OMG! I love you so much, and Coco to! You are such a role model and I live you so much! You have such good fashion taste and tell Coco I love her so much and you guys are really pretty!!!! Xxxxxxx

  15. Freddy going on a hike in a dress reminds me of when I hiked in my school uniform, which is an ankle length skirt and white top. It was a miracle no part of it is covered in dirt and mud. Apparently my classmates and I were supposed to wear p.e clothes, and it was the last day and year of my highschool life. Might as well make it memorable 😅😁

  16. Barbie doll!!! All I have to say

  17. They have a house at the Beverly Hills Hotel and its literally my favorite room and place in the world. That hotel is full of gems.

  18. You should do more vlogs or have a vlog channel

  19. Omg u really inspired me of your outfit I really loved your style💓💓 so feminine

  20. Omg u really inspired me of your outfit I really loved your style💓💓 so feminine

  21. i object to my mother suffering such a painful death in poverty and now i would get killed

  22. i am 49 and have only 3000 dollars i cant understand any of these google phenomenon

  23. Question… you have such beautiful suitcases, do they get dirty or a bit damaged when you travel and they go in the luggage area of the plane..? I always worry that when I get my suitcase back from the plane it will be a bit damaged from all the moving around and bumping into other suitcases.

  24. Josie is so much like you 💗💗you guys have such a cute friendship 🥰


  26. I aspire do be this glamorous

  27. I thought she was smarter

  28. Enjoyed the vid.. had a real laugh 😊

  29. Why would anyone judge her for having brunch at Beverly hills hotel which she mentions at 26:20 I don't get it 🤔

  30. The two of you together have so much fun and it’s wonderful to watch. I’ve noticed Josie enjoys herself more with Freddy as more serious with Charlie.

  31. Ugh, even without makeup they are stunning.

  32. I'm so happy you came to Palm Springs!!! 😀 Next time you come, you should go to El Paseo Drive in Palm Desert (it's a city east of Palm Springs). El Paseo has been called the "Rodeo Drive of the Desert." You will find some designer shops you may like and good eateries. You may want to come in the spring because in the summer it will be well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit…. All the best to you and on your return trip. Hugs. TommiGirl 🤗👛

  33. Your styke is exactly what I love. Really wish I had your hair and clothes <3

  34. It blows my mind that you made it down to my local mall. Love Outlets of Orange and still shocked you were here

  35. Shopping some outfits for next shopping outfit

  36. Where’s your blue two piece from💗

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