Sims 3 || How TO Reduce Lag: SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS (3)

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  1. I found mine.. It says ''Maybe'' and all the other expancions says ''no'' I'm sad… I'm gonna check id i can play Sims 2… But anyway, I'm Intel GMA 3600, The second one on the list, I have 2Gb of RAM and 32 Bits, Should i try anyway?

  2. I have GeForce TX 1050 and mine still lags, but it says "maybe" about being able to play the last expansion (Into the Future).

  3. I can never find videos like these oml so I'm happy you make these video because my sims 3 game have lag like crazy not going to lie lol and plus I have a laptop so I know the pain🤣, I'm hoping all these videos will help me out a lot nah I know it's going to help me out!!😂 but thank you so much

  4. sorry i'm like a year late but can you get a laptop graphic card?

  5. Whats your graphic card???

  6. Pleaase respond to this Aurora, What if i have a intel R? Is that going to be compatible, because i dont see it anywhere.

  7. I know this is an old video but anyone have any suggestions for how to reduce lag on my computer? I have a GTX 1060 6GB graphics, I can run other triple A title games with little to no lag whatsoever, but Sims 3 just doesn't work, unless I take out all my CC and expansions, but that defeats the purpose. Again, the issue is not my computer, it's the game itself, because I can also run Sims 4 on ultra settings with no lag as well. Any help would be appreciated!

  8. Well my graphics card had a no for every single game 🙁 when u have every game but ur computer just cant hack it

  9. aww i really wished by graphics card was the Intel iris pro (skylake) one it would make a huge difference as mine is Intel Iris Pro so i can play island paradise with more ease..

  10. i got my new laptop 4 months ago,and i cant run sims 3 because of the cpu speed ;-;

  11. Thank you so much,i kinda get what i can and can play im defiantly going to invest in a better computer soon but thanks it will be good enough for now. :))

  12. Mine has crashed once lol mine probably would say yes if it was on there though

  13. wow this video helped me so much girl thanks

  14. Mine wasnt on there
    Can someone help? Mines an Intel (R) HD Graphics FAmily (for all the games)

  15. Omg girl I'm so grateful for you!!

  16. quick question sorry to bother, but do you think the EVGA GeForce GTX770 will be a good enough graphics card? do you have any other cheap recommendations for a graphics card like yours ? 🙂 love you <3

  17. I'm building a new pc and once I get it built I'll need something for malware do you have any suggestions?

  18. It says everywhere that my GTX 960 is good for TS3 but i still seem to get a little bit of lag =/ it says that i have a stable 60fps but i see lag..
    Can you help me please?
    Thank you so much! 🙂

  19. what if i can't find my graphics card and its not a new computer or anything but it is not old ither????

  20. can you do simsmoble review

  21. I'm getting a new computer just for sims I'm super excited

  22. If it says your graphics drivers is over 4 months, but mine is fully updated to xD.

  23. Notification SQUAD ☺️🤗😍

  24. YES I was waiting for the next part of this "series".

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