Sony PlayStation Vita Unbox

Another one of those special request unbox videos.

I still don’t know why people upload or want these things oO

First Song

Video notes where I got the song from – Collete | octet * x aether – This has an instrumental version.
As iTunes suggests
Artist: P∴Rhythmatiq
Album: Harmonia
Resides the original source of the song.

The second song was from the Mini Sound Track disc I got with Disgaea 3, so its only fair that I played something from it, but just as happens often in Disgaea, the music is interrupted before it can finish 😀

I love tag suggestions for vids: + Amazon Instant Video


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  3. Why this video is recommended to me in 2020?🤣

  4. Bhai ye kha se aur kitne ka mangvaya

  5. Don't know how to make a video , very bad video

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  8. Am a game lover so much interesting

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