[SPOILERS] The TRUTH about Lotus, Margulis & Natah // WARFRAME // The Sacrifice

With the crazy information provided by The Sacrifice quest, we look back at previous cinematics with a new mindset – and the theories are universe-spinning!


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  1. Holy ****, 1000 views!
    Seriously can't thank people enough for this, it's the little things like this that keep us going to create more videos whenever we can, despite being on a massive time zone difference from each other AND our own work commitments.
    Thanks again guys!

  2. If you think about it from a warframe point of view it is possible that the lotus is using transference to speak through natah similar to how the operator could only connect with the teno in his pod originally maybe the lotus has been using something similar and the person that natah is referring to as mother could actually be the lotus and natah could just be a warframe that margulis created this theory makes a lot of sence to me

  3. Jeeze … can’t believe that the most straight forward, in plain shight, still has not occurred to anyone. The Lotus has actually PILOTED THE MOON. (It’s a crazy idea that for whatever reasons, The Orokin fitted the moon with its own means of navigational propulsion, but … hey, them there is the facts, if they weren’t there would be no second dream quest, or anything that followed it).

    So, The Orokin Moon has been built by them to be flown or moved about in space, like a space ship or station … whatever … not for long distances, but at least enough to control and vary its orbit however they wanted. Except The Orokin could never really DO much of anything themselves. The could really just do some magic they called “technology,” and used it to make everything and anything else which actually did the work, figure out how anything did. The Orokin weren’t too bright. They needed their Archemedians to come up with ways for the Orokin to accomplish The Plan. (Hey, this bright Archemedian has this idea to have a whole workforce of Crewmen-persons made, put into cryo on a giant ship which will tow a Solar Rail tower along … or better yet, have it built in … and then they’ll get unfrozen once they’re beyond the void and at the “Tau” system, set up the tower and throw the switch. Oh … that uh ship … it just sort of disappeared into the void … and, well … “THE CREWMAN PROJECT IS CANCELLED!” Poof of mist and gore. Next.)

    Okay, next we have these little harmless looking adapt and evolve, semi reproduce by subdivision and semi von Neumann machine things that’ll … and we know, basically, enough of that happened on the trip out that they reached a “critical mass” of “intelligent” machines to produce sentience.

    Meanwhile, a big ship that got sent out for the job and disappeared into the void, drifted back out, and into The Origin System. According to our central source of information, it was “YEARS” before it was found. Whatever had been sent out, sure as hell was not meant to keep a crew alive, drifting, without power, in THE VOID no less, for … at all, really.

    But, the Orokin were totally spooked by it drifting back out. What? Why? What’s the big F-ing deal. It was a plan that failed.

    Oh, well, there’s something else. No crew. But there are all of these … things … that look kinda like energy skeleton ghosts … all just sort of floating around in there … and well, it seems like they’re alive … they move and respond to other presence …

    Get rid of them.

    Um, we can’t.


    Yeah, we have no idea how to. We tried EVERYTHING, but it’s just like trying to destroy Void Energy … even if we destroy the ship, they won’t go away.


    Bring out some pods. If they’ll get in, well take em back and stash them in the Void inside the Moon. Get rid of everything else. Records … EVERYTHING.

    Later, Ballas has a girlfriend. Margulis. And the Orokin tried to tell the Sentient[s] that built their rail and new world for them to FOAD. (The Orokin were not very bright). Except for Ballas. He’d been playing them for lifetimes. All that trouble, just to get something sent BACK from Tau, to where he wanted to defect. Bringing the War to The Origin System.

    Sending intel to Hunhow.

    While Margulis get some wack idea about the things brought back from the ship-that-never-was, “Maybe they were sent to save us.” WHAT? Sent? Who or what is anywhere that could send someone/thing into The Origin System to save you and Ballas and ….?

    Unless … Margulis, were you expecting someone? Hmmm, curious, I never even thought to ask, when we first met, where you came from. You were just so … ALL THAT! And you know how everything works too. Where did you go to school? No, no .. don’t spoil the mystery. It keeps me hot for you.

    (Damn, I wish I hadn’t set everything up so that what comes back from Tau would destroy the system and those Void devils, so I can blow this mini universe and join the Real World, cause I love Margulis … I think … but, she’s not included with my plans …)

    Sentients come, they’re looking for the Tenno. What? Merely Framed. Huh? Merely Shaped, they are called. What are those things talking about? THERE WAS NO THEIR MOTHER! why is this happening? THERE WAS NO THEIR FATHER!

    The Sentients tear the hell up out of Lua. Looking for … they don’t really know … Ballas kept the Margulis body around, or plans for a clone. Natah was sent to execute sequences in the war program. Ballas put the Natah Sentient Cap on the Margulis Body/Brain and Jacked it into Lua. Everything went according to plan, in sequence, but the last thing. Natah couldn’t do it. What? Well, yeah … The Orokin couldn’t either. What made us think we could? I have no idea how to destroy these … what the hell are they … they’re like … energy forms, but not bodies … (mind and body, mind and brain, are not the same … your brain is not your “mind,” what you are does not define WHO you are … who do you want to be?) What? Who said that? (We did. They call us Tenno. We are like the blossoms of a lotus, surrounding you). I want to be the Lotus. (Beautiful. Welcome to the family).

    Ballas turns up. Wants his Margulis Zombie. The Natah Mother wants the Natah info. Ballas leaves The Lotus (helmet) behind, and walks off with a body and brain of a zombie, with no mind. Ta dah. Lotus is the Mind in The Helmet. Margulis was the body, and Natah was the identity that The Lotus chucked in favor of individuality and a greater sense of community.

  4. This really does explains everything so well

  5. Still don't understand a thing.

  6. There are apparently new lines of dialogue from Natah in the Ropalolyst fight. Some Randomly chosen lines even talk about the man in the wall.

  7. Which weapons are those

  8. It is confirmed, she is a mimic. New boss fight dialogue shows it. She also says that her father was a farmer and mother a carpenter – real Margulis parents

  9. She looks like oasis symmetra

  10. The Betrayal of The Lotus is Heart Breaking SHE USED US ALL, TENNOS we must kill the betrayer

  11. I think that helmet connect margulis to lotus. But ballas didnt know that. He just missed her so bad. So he freed lotus in hope she can replace margulis. But he just freed the sentient queen instead. Lotus is like something betwen natah and margulis. Ballas just thought that helmet just imprisoned her. Theres something big missing in the story when they just said natah was sent to kill tenno but she cared for them instead. What happened there? How can she changed her mind? And margulis execution is still a missing part too. I think margulis did something to natah before the execution or something thats why she changed her mind

  12. This is what happens when you fuse a orokin, a sentient, and a god together

  13. That can’t be Natah cuz sentients can’t survive in the void so it has to be something else

  14. Simple as that> Lotus is a mother of the operator!

  15. While this makes sense, got to say that the fact our guide is the man in the wall makes me suspicious as he is suspicious as all get out

  16. Margelia is the hat lotus

  17. How can a video as good as this not be viewed so many times? YouTube doesn't give enough credit to those who have a few subs but are absolutely amazing. We'll grow with the time

  18. I don't get it. If she didn't get executed, how did she become a sentient?

  19. Yea that's the first thought I had. It was Margulis, then Ballas did something, the removal of the helmet, and returned her to the evil Sentient Natah.

  20. It makes sense to me that Natah is entirely sentient and would be happy to have a whole bunch of children. Isn't a huge part of the reason the sentients wanted to extinct humanity because they were basically neutered by the void and unable to reproduce? Not that robot neutering makes much sense. Natah was basically on a mission to kill humanity and found a bunch of children, and was like well I'm a mommy now. I just assumed she took Margulis' appearance because Margulis was more or less a mother to the Tenno before she was executed. Possibly also to convince Ballas to turn on humanity (the Orokin) as he did, because he was Margulis' lover.

  21. It's a pretty solid theory because that is the only time we have seen her without her helmet

  22. good content, should have more subs

  23. I did not understand… how can the helmet be margulis, for me it did not made sense for me since ballas disconected the lotus to make her margulis. AAAAAAA this plot is so confusing…

  24. Theory may dam well be correct because the body of Margulis was definitely destroyed. Saryn prime trailer confirms too when Ballas says "Marglius, from your winter ashes". So the body we see the lotus as is definitely Natah's.

  25. This is why we still have the helmet. This is why we interacted with the helmet at the start of the quest – Margulis was calling to us! It also explains why Lotus betrayed Hunhow – Margulis took control at this point.

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