[SPOILERS] Warframe Chimera Speculations: Lotus USED Us

We saw what we wanted, those devils and I…

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  1. She played us like a damn fiddle!

  2. I don't think so. In chimera it seems like she doesn't trust Erra, and is not convinced by everything she has just experienced (Erra should have died, he also has to force her to start the war)

  3. from the time she thinks we where losers, i know she will not be a good mother.

  4. Ballas didn’t actually deserve that fate. No one does, no matter how horrible one is. Yea he deserved death, but that… living on, forever suffering as that thing, that chimera? I think he should just be mercy-killed at this point.

  5. I'm pretty sure you're mixing Margulies and Natah.

    Margulies was a Orikin.
    Natah is the sentient mole and daughter of Hunhow.
    Lotus is a fake memory who ended up copying Margulies. So Lotus(Natah) could get closer to the Tenno.

  6. tbh hunhow temporarily siding with us sounds like a quest I'd replay a lot. the destroyer of the orokin fighting along side the destroyer of worlds XD

  7. When u see [SPOILERS] But click anyway be like

  8. Thus far Lotus has done nothing to betray us. I’m pretty sure she is just setting up the pieces for the Tenno to stand a fighting chance against the Tau system. (Btw, Lotus has bin helping us make allies this whole time, between invasion missions and helping us during the syndicate missions it’s pretty clear the mom wants us to have friends.)

  9. We have been tricked we've been bakcstabbed and quite possibly bamboozled

  10. If lotus is actually bad I won't see Rebecca as the space mum

  11. gonna stay at Alad V's for a while
    never betrayed us


  13. Warframe are just weapons that iz used for war.Frames of war

  14. Crazy how we played into natah hands she divided the Galaxy to come take over like I never felt this betrayed since star wars when obi wan and Anakin fought like you were our mother lotus we loved you…now Idc betrayed and left to rot I will kill lotus now I see what the stalker meant I see what teshin dax meant she is false she is a snake it's not too late and when I kill lotus I will bring back balance,order and justice to the universe as so my duty as a weilder of exscalibur

  15. So fucking loud from your fcking voice!! Just shut up dumb ass!! So disturbing!

  16. I can see Salad v turning himself into a sentient being. The fucker already attempted to turn himself infested.

  17. Damn bro, 1 year later, everything you said is happening

  18. I want an option, not to kill her. Not to save her, but to put her in an never ending simulation where she helps us forever. Or where he basically put her in the void, some classical torture really.

  19. It's all well and good that you put "[SPOILERS]" in the title, but your thumbnail literally shows Natah with "she used us".

    Kinda counter-intuitive.

  20. We’re going to kill the lotus eventually

  21. What if the Lotus put us up against the most challenging foes so that when Natah takes over her, we have the power to destroy her.

  22. When you love and trust the lotus for several years before the sacrifice and she betrays you

    Lotus:"I'm sorry,little one."

  23. Hunhow: Natah, why did you betray me? Why did you not finish the sequence you started? Why did you stop at the last? … (Natah quest) She didn't destroy the tenno, she left her mask for us to be led to Ballas and get the Sentient slayer sword. Could she want us to wipe out the sentients all along?.. (Still believing in love..)

  24. (╥ω╥`) looks like space mom is not coming home ・゚・(。>д<。)・゚・

  25. Why does this sound like a political ad lol

  26. Hunhow shall take his kids back, he fought his way for Natah, its time he gets custody…

  27. Grineer were right 🙁

    Vor: Foolish Tenno! Dont you see that your Lotus has sent you to DIE!?

    Tyl Regor: She doesn't care about you. She doesn't love you.

  28. I really like the lore, wish it was just a little less fanciful so we could get it as we're experiencing it in the game and not that we have to rewatch it and analyse the dialogue to fully get it.

  29. DK, you didn't mention me at all. You know I am pretty much working for Hunhow at the moment. For all we know, this "temporary truce" would have me and the Tenno team up. Putting aside our hatred for one another to take down a bigger threat. Just imagine, Stalker and Umbra, fighting side-by-side, the last two remnants of the Orokin empire against their ancient enemy.

    Are you feeling okay?

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