The Best Things to do in Phong Nha, Vietnam

We definitely left a bit of our hearts in this amazing place when travelling through Vietnam. Our week was jam-packed with activities such as caving until our hearts content (with and without a tour guide) and zip-lining/kayaking/floating around in mud pools. We rode a bloomin’ buffalo and topped it all off by receiving a foot massage from 100 excited ducks qualified in foot-tickle therapy. A truly unforgettable 10 days spent in one of our favourite places in Vietnam!

Filming Equipment:
Canon GY7X
Go Pro Hero 5
FeiyuTech G5
DJI Mavic Pro

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  1. How can I go there from Hanoi?

  2. What time of the year did you visited Phong Na?

  3. welcome to my country, this place I was born

  4. Don't miss Bong Lai valley in your trip to Phong Nha:

  5. hi ! where did you booked the trekk? tnx !!

  6. Thank you was come phong nha

  7. Epic video!! Brings back many memories of our visit last year! Flew my drone also at that waterfall in the botanical gardens, remember it was quite tricky with all the trees closeby.

  8. I love your videos, great editing, fun to watch and epic footage indeed. Plus it looks like y'all did it all!

  9. Liked your opening shot! What drone did you use? Also the drone shots of you folks sitting on a rock. Could you tell how you did that? I own a spark for my videos, and I would love to know how you landed your drone there. The view of the paddy fields on each side flanked by the mountains is excellent. Having no humans around makes nature pristine 🙂

  10. great intro of drone footage
    wow this waterfall is amazing 1:43
    beautiful scenes in the video

  11. Great editing and very nice shots!

  12. This looks like such a magical trip. OK, ducks qualified in foot-tickle therapy is hilarious.

  13. Awe, this video is giving me memories, I went to Phong Nha last year! 😍 My boyfriend and I trekked the Hang En Cave there, it was one of our favorite experiences throughout our travels! Is that where you did your "Caving Adventure" day? Also I did not know there was this much to do in Phong Nha, I missed all the rest of the activities in that you had in your video! LOL! Great vid! 💖

  14. Hey guys looks like you had a blast. Always wanted to ride a water buffalo lol. On my bucket list. The scenery everywhere you went looks amazing. Newly subscribed. If you have a minute check out our food and travel channel too so we can support each other 😊👌

  15. Very beautiful video. You msy check my videos also. And subscribe to the channel. As i did.

  16. What's the name of this song??

  17. omg were those ducks goose swans? sooo adorable haha im sad i skipped this place when i went to vietnam!

  18. It looks like so much fun. Will add zip wire to my bucket list. And pack broccoli in my suitcase when we come to visit 😊😊😋😋xx

  19. What a great video 😊 The Zip lining looks like alot of fun 🙂

  20. Looked like so much fun! Was wandering when you were going to do a new video. Throwing the ducks in the water looked funny haha and the whole trekking and everything must have been so fun!

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