The New Nokia Camera App for Pureview Lumia Phones – Feature Walk Through on the Lumia 1020!

Super excited to see Nokia combine the features of the Pro Camera and Smart Camera apps for Lumia Windows Phones! It was always frustrating having to remember certain features were in one app, and other features were in a different app. Now we have one camera app to rule them all! Let’s take a look through the new Nokia Camera app on the Nokia Lumia 1020!

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  1. Why cant i find this setting in my nokia 1020???

  2. Hi😀
    i still have this beast

  3. Wow Pretty Awesome still surprised that I missed this Device when it came out and I was very much into Nokia. I really can't get over how nice it was and is. I don't know what made me overlook it could be maybe the way it looked or maybe their was some amazing things coming out that I would have overlooked it.Thanks again for sharing Deb ✌️👍

  4. how to take these kind a pics ? i have lumia 1020 and 930 ( time 0:52 )

  5. Is there any way to get action shot to ios devise i had nokia lumia but now i have iphone and i prefer nokia camera way more 🙂

  6. why doesn't mine show up like this ? Isit an apo to download ?

  7. is it me or i get better pics on 1020 without nokia camera app?? 

  8. what is that thing holding your phone i want to buy, pls let me know its name

  9. so a review of still camera features of the app only. as if video does not exist.

  10. It's called The Slingshot. I have a review of it on this channel too!


  11. Thanks Ian! If you like my vids, I'd greatly appreciate any sharing you think might think appropriate.

  12. D'oh. You're absolutely right about motion blur. I needed to take it outside to play with that setting. Since the 1520 will have a newer quad-core I think performance will be noticeably snappier than the 1020. That sensor on the 1020 is maxing out what that dual-core is capable of. The 1520's Qualcomm 800 is an absolute monster. Should make everything faster.

  13. Motion blur is not a Cinemagraph. It focuses on the subject in motion and blurs the background. 🙂

    Thanks for the great walk-through, Juan. Do you think the camera will be more capable of faster processing on the 1520?

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