These Sheet Masks Changed My Skin in 7 Days | LULULUN


Camera: Sony Alpha NEX-3N
Lenses: E18-50 mm f/1.8, Sony SEL50F18 50mm f/1.8


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  1. "I have big Filipino eye" gHourl🤣🤣🤣

  2. Dope my aunt got sum from Japan and I didn’t know how to use them my dry fillipino face needs this 🥺

  3. This is such a natural and funny review. I laugh at 3:16

  4. Great share. More power to you and to your channel. Keep the good vibes rolling.

  5. 3:55 I love how the cat magically appear

  6. Yeah!!! i just place order from hoyoyo Japan proxy too…
    Can't wait to get and try it out!!!

  7. Really great video. Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for sharing

  8. Too bad.. Its too small.

  9. i'm living in Japan and i'm just start to using this sheetmask for about a week and what, this mask is soooooo good, just soo good. love it, . i'm using the white one and i dont know if this true or nah but i do feel my skin tone brighten up.. so i'm gonna use this every day.. i'm a boy by the way.. lol

  10. I needed this video! I've just bought the 36 masks pack for 1'800 yen, like €16, but there are no instructions in English, so your content saved the day, thank you!

  11. A friend of mines brought these to me from Japan and while I’m doing a pink one right now I’m watching your video and I’m definitely going to order more! I agree, since they’re so cheap I’m going to use them more!!!!

  12. Lmfao! The mask is stretchable!

  13. My friend bought me these im gonna try it out and see.

  14. Where do u get ur jewelry from ?

  15. I really liked this! I think I may try a mask everyday

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