THIS GUY IS A HACKER | Clash Royale | Weird Lag Glitch

Playing Clash Royale on my noob account and I get matched up with a hacker!! Idk if he was a hacker but the weirdest glitch happened..


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  1. The good old days when the emotes made different sounds

  2. I stuck in arena 12 can you help me

  3. Its not hacking is called lag -.-

  4. All Chinese are hackers every last one.

  5. "2:14"
    I recommend this:
    So grateful it exists in 2020.

  6. CD works on servers it's impossible to hack it unless you hack a server which no-one can play on but you

  7. Im stuck in Royal Arena, Arena 7

  8. I'm stuck in champion league😭😭😭😠😠

  9. I’m still using the same deck I had in bone pit and I’m in frozen peak

  10. His not hacking just that your are a noob

  11. Dude nice Wifi 😂

    imagen people use Lag-Switch at this game 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Im stuck in arena 12 pls help

  13. I’m not stuck in any arena just going up the legendary challengers 😁👍

  14. Bruh I was stuck on p playhouse but then I watched I vid and I learned good strategy and I was stuck on like 1000 trophies now I’m at 1250 in one day

  15. OMG, your mom must be so proud of you recording this hacker, it must be the greatest achievement of your life!

    The IQ of you must be 200+

  16. it's impossible to get a legendary at your level because you need to be at arena 4 for a legendary

  17. This is in the game pl

  18. I am stuck in league 2

  19. U internet low …not hacker u are noob player

  20. Don t you have a other you tube chanel in dangie bros i will like both do not wherey

  21. I am in league 1 need help with a deck

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