WARFRAME – The END of The Lotus – A NEW WARframe? (Potential Spoilers!)

Did you ever stop to consider how different the game is gonna be in the very near future? The New War will bring with it the inevitable climax to the story of the Lotus and… Spoiler alert… She’s not gonna make it. How will you be dealing with the loss of Space Mom? Oh… Big Spoilers in this one too if you’re not caught up, so just keep that in mind!

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  1. first of all, thanks for the amazing videos.. i really like your work!!

    I really think u have to look/relook at the translation of the hacked loading screen Message

  2. Lotus: leaves
    Me: Calling Ordis, Teshin, Maroo, Darvo, Konzu, Eudico, Little Duck, syndicate leaders…

  3. L hate lotes and l don't want her back

  4. In my personal opinion DE will probally give us a choice within the quest or give us a quest to determine the fate of the lotus

  5. I belive DE has a plan still but, the whole representation so far feels flat and lame.
    For me it feels like, "We not want to loose our precious recorded Lotus lines and make new ones for missions." *trows slightly changed ones with sound probles at you as explanation by ordis*.
    They writeing themself in a corner, story was never a strong part of them sadly, even with minor things, i remind you of Valkyr, her Delxue and her Prime Lore all clashing.

  6. I think the best sorta, plot twist would be if, well for starters if the story was told linear and not in, Story-retcon story-retcon, story-retcon style. But what if, the man in the wall, who granted out powers took the corpse of margulis, or the sentients but is has to be involved with the man in the wall. So, took the corpse and made one of their own merge with corpse to give it new light, to fulfil the thing that burrows in the nest to destroy the tenno.

    But, margulis when she died because of the tenno their void power, what if some of that power, resided in her?

    Not enough to save her life, it ended her, clearly. So that void power became the last essence of her.

    When Nata merged with margulis, margulis's essence began to take over, Converting Natah.

    Not converting, just changing I guess, like some other warframe channel described ordis to have, A dominant and a primal personality. Ordis and ordan karris. Both fighting to be the dominant one, clearly saying in cephalon suda quest. "You emotionless machine (or something) you cant hold me back, im fighting with the operator!" Indicating his "other" personality taking over.

    Since this game is based around well, multiple identity disorder, I mean every warframe was a person and that person leaves behind imprints we can see by how we move around and behave when we are in the warframes.

    Also when we master umbra, we confuse the poor dax that became umbra, his past for ours.

    It's not out of the question we will be able to heal the lotus, as she saved us. No matter her final intentions, we owe it to save her, to give margulis a chance. Maybe, well definitely, this quest will be centered around the operator. We will have to, invade Natah's mind.

    Probably trough the helmet. Will be, very interesting. I wanted to kill her too, after betraying us. But thinking about it, she might be as tormented as we are.

  7. Simple
    The lotus becomes a memory.
    An ideal. That the tenon strive for.
    The Lotus = All the different leaves(tenno) who protect the center (innocent)

  8. How do you start the mission i have seen the little trailer but I want this

  9. That rhino akin looks so damn badass

  10. if you going to look back here i can say that in the quest of chains of harrow the woman that you saved said queen of the sentients to lotus

  11. I got into a arguement with my friend and now we're on two sides i wanna kill the lotus he wants to save her

  12. that "bed" is not accessible to the tenno unless we use nidus it is possible that bed was meant for her

  13. How the hell will I kill here

  14. I think that with the time paradox storyline coming up we might revive Morghullis, the original mother of the Tenno and the one Lotus was impersonating.

  15. But of u listen to the story it seems like a lie and it looks more like they put the lotus in that thing instead of being that thing so maby they wil play it like she got brainwashed just like the teno how they dont remeber the war

  16. I can think of dozens of ways the story could progress involving the Lotus coming back to our side. Unfortunately though, none of them would actually be a good story given what has happened up to this point. I feel like they kind of wrote themselves into a corner like a cheap soap opera where she betrays us, only to come back as a double agent, only to betray us again (but for realsies this time), only to discover that she actually is our 25th cousin 86 times removed on our father's side who died in during a tragic event involving the void and space magic…

  17. Give Teshin the microphone.

  18. Maybe during the Duviri Paradox, we'll be able to find and save the Lotus? The original one, that cared for the children, instead of the fake one.

  19. I think that we're going to side with the Sentients and put an end to Grineer. I've noticed a looooooooot of things within the lore that feel oldly like foreshadowing. Always is it grineer who are seen as "the" enemy in trailers and other media regarding warframe, of course not 100% of the time, but they seem to have the most 'screentime' out of all the current in-game enemies. Corpus seem to be most open to siding with the tenno/sentient alliance since their dialogs from certain Corpus individuals, like bosses, Nef Anyo and others, seem like all they did and all they do/will do is just business, they try to not let personal things get between them and whoever they deal with. Alad V may call us "betrayers" and such, since early days to the most recent contents with him in it, but we worked with him before in events and such, he didn't seem to mind working with those who 'supposedly' killed their 'gods', hence the Corpus name of 'betrayers' that they call Tenno.

  20. All I know is Space MOM abandoned us!

  21. i think we will be given 3 options just like war within the options might be
    Sun:let her live.
    Twilight: imprison her. or put the helmet back on her.
    Midnight: kill her.

    but i don't get somthing @TheDsIEGE how was her parents jobs a farmer and carpenter? Hunhow is her father right? i believe he is huge threat during the war and i think his size is massive or am i wrong?

  22. this may be off topic, but what shoulder plates are those on your rhino palatine?

  23. I think Margolis is still alive.. as a cephalon connected to the helmet and ballos tried using nattas body to bring her back but confusing the two identities made the lotus..

  24. I really don’t want a hand holding character in Warframe- It doesn’t let our characters “grow up” in both a literal and metaphorical sense, feeling protected and safe is part of what feeds into Warframe’s problem with everything feeling far too certain, you never feel you’re going to lose. I think it’s about time the Tenno at least got to fight on their own feet and make way for some more serious undertones, letting Lotus go *forever*, no revival, would be a necessity if Warframe wants to prove it’s serious. Even Destiny has it’s ‘Cade moment’ we don’t even have a ‘Cade’ to begin with because Characters are so shallow, out with the old and in with the new has gotta occur at some point or another, maybe expand on Ordis past hidden lore? I don’t know really, but Lotus will never ever be a character we grieve, her very presence holds Warframe and the story back.

  25. "So what's next?" "A New War."
    Idk why but this has me rolling.

  26. Note: This is after seeing the third New War cinematic so keep that in mind.

    There are still some questions that come to mind when I saw this video and thought over it. 1. How did the Lotus, even before recovering "Sentience" move Lua into the Void? 2. The Lotus was imprisoned within Lua, within the Void for a long time right? And the Void is poison to Sentients, correct? There is the argument that the Orokin did something to change her form to that of a human to protect her, but a new coat of paint doesn't mean you're driving a different car. She even assumes a Sentient form afterwards, so obviously she wasn't human 3. Why does she sound exactly like Margulis and connect their personalities together so seamlessly? There is the argument that "oh, they have the same voice actor and the orokin brainwashed her!" but to counterpoint, characters that share the same voice actor generally still have distinctly different voices, whereas Margulis and the Lotus/Natah sound literally the exact same, whilst they're personalities (what little we see of Margulis anyways) are almost one-to-one.

    There are a number of dots still being unconnected here, such as Erra being alive (Natah even confronts him on this), why Ballas is alive and partially Sentient despite obviously not being needed, the Sentients starting a new war after they lost the last one rather soundly (maybe they think the Orokin were the key to success? even though the Orokin didn't actually help anything and instead were killed by the Tenno). There are other things as well that I'm not thinking of off top head, like the Man in the Wall, Little Duck's involvement, why Salad V was called Orokin by the Stalker (i think it was him), and more. There's a lot of questions here that aren't being answered.

    My personal hope is that, as one user commented, there is a choice for the individual Tenno to kill or save her, but the choice you make doesn't ultimately change how things are being run. Instead, the Tenno can now choose between a number of different persons to guide them on missions, even some enemies (pure cosmetic thing, doesn't change how anything else is run), but Natah if killed will, y'know, be dead, and if spared will become a new ally who offers a daily/weekly quest for some random thing, become a replacement for alerts really.

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