Warframe's Rebecca Ford Reviews Your Characters | Ars Technica

Rebecca Ford, Live Operations & Community Director at Digital Extremes, takes a look at some of the community’s Warframes and loadouts.

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Warframe’s Rebecca Ford Reviews Your Characters | Ars Technica

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  1. Hi there! We are trying something new with this video. Let us know what you think. If you have any suggestions for other games you'd like to see covered, where game creators respond to your characters/builds, please feel free to share. Thanks for watching!

  2. What syandana was she using on Nyx?

  3. Damn. I can’t wait to use these warframes to kill my Kuva lich, Bopp Bipp

  4. I cringed at the way she said Gara

  5. I also AM a Colector of Ayatan Statues, but I dont buy them, I like to find them my self

  6. "I've killed a lot of people with that thing"


  7. I'm about to start playing warframe in a week and I'm most likely going choose Excalibur

  8. Rebecca lookin Thicc night act up

  9. Space mom why you leave us 😢

  10. If only nyx was reworked, i’d gladly use her again

  11. Lmao I love how when she said collect focus points… I'm not gonna spoil what the means but we can do a silent nod. I nodded right before she said it 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. i was the 669,699th view

  13. Lovely hips.
    So what she was talking about?

  14. You are all calling her Space Mom but it is obvious the majority of you are attracted to her. Tenno incest much? Nah, she is more like ’Space Wife’.

  15. Kinda sad that there wasnt a rhino prime build or an ash prime build

  16. Like DE Rebecca? Like r/memeframe Rebecca?

  17. Pink Rhino is the Real EndGame

  18. Mag is the worst thing in warframe. Don’t at me

  19. Rhino here straight up beeing Puri Puri Prisoner from One Punch Man

  20. She is 3 seconds away from puking her guts out

  21. Is there a way to ask questions to the develepors at DE?

  22. Why is rebecca so beautiful ?

  23. It is a serious game that’s why I named my pet “bait”

  24. Now i understand how some people change identifacation in real life… this games make you sick mentally, spiritually … reality became just a place to escape from ….the line between reality an fantasy is disappearing, now blurry …

  25. Just enable crosssave idiots my main account is on pc but I don't have one right now I'm playing on ps4 but it's stupid because I have to start from scracth that made stop playing please enable crosssave like fortnite that game is crap but I love that they have crosssave and crossplay and you don't just do it already

  26. Your players that make vids say your game will die

  27. im kinda crushed on this persona ngl

  28. Hunhow been listening real good after this one

  29. Crowd control is great for soloing interception missions, because the enemy has a spawn cap

  30. I'm gona kill "space mom" so hard it will end up in bestgore.[com]

  31. I'm jealous of everyone in this video that have sick looking warframes while I've spent over 100 dollars and have been grinding for 2 years and my warframes still look like garbage

  32. People in the video: flexing their frames.
    Me: yeah I'm your average Joe schmo yeah Excalibur is a pretty cool robot ninja guy

  33. Rezz is the real space mom

  34. Please, How do I get good at this game xDD

  35. Space mom reviews her tenno

  36. Starting tonight tablet will die…im a woman of my word hahahahaha

  37. Rebecca looking kinda🍑

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